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Sep 24, 1999 10:22 AM

best... ummm... *cuttlefish* in NYC?

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Hello, esteemed chowhounds --

Can anyone help me meet a bizarre
scavenger-huntalicious challenge to find "the best
place for cuttlefish" in NYC?

I know NY Noodletown puts heaps of it in certain soups
... any other suggestions?


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  1. Isn't cuttlefish just another name for squid?
    Or, at least, aren't squid (along with other
    squid-like cephalopods) covered by the term?

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    1. re: chimera

      Squid and cuttlefish are definitely both cephalopods
      but they are different creatures. As a scuba diver
      I've seen them both in their natural habitats and
      they look very different. Squid are more streamlined
      than cuttlefish. Also, cuttlefish change colors as
      their moods change. They seem very intelligent
      when they encounter divers. They tend to hover
      near the human and change colors rapidly until they
      get tired and scoot away. (I think squid are little
      more timid.) Now I'm sure that's more than you ever
      wanted to know about cuttlefish.

      1. re: christina z

        I wish I could say I've tried it, but several people have raved to me about the cuttlefish and noodles that is served as a special (a pretty frequent special) at Ithaka.

        1. re: christina z

          I Trulli an Apulian Restaurant in the east 30's makes superb grilled cuttlefish

        2. re: chimera

          I Trulli an Apulian restaurant in the east 30's serves exellent grilled cuttlefish!!