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Aug 27, 1999 12:42 PM

Edy's Dreamery Ice Cream

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Has anyone else tried Edy's new ice cream, sold in
pints. It's amazing! It could give Ben & Jerry's a
run for the money. My favorite, so far, is the Mint
(I forget the fancy name). It's not just mint chip,
it's got mint cookies and peppermint patties, and a
fudge swirl in it, deadly!

Other flavors I've tried (once again, I'm not 100%
sure of the flavor names, but you can get the gist):

Chocolate Truffle: Chocolate Ice Cream with truffle
chucks, similar to B&J Brownie or Godiva (w/out the
raspberry flavor, acually I love that flavor)

Banana Boogie: Banana Ice Cream with peanut butter and
chocolate flakes

Strawberry Cheescake: Strawberry Ice with chunks of
cheesecake, not just sort of cheesecake flavored (like
Baskin Robbins), but chunks, with graham cracker crust.

We purchased at Foodtown. I have to go back to try
the other flavors, there were around a dozen. But I
couldn't bring myself to buy more than 4 pints of ice
cream in one trip to the store! Not so when I go
back, I'll buy all the other flavors and report.

BTW - no disclaimer needed, I'm just an ice cream
freak with no relationship with any ice cream company
or store.


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  1. I've tried this stuff, but I'm afraid that I can't
    share your enthusiasm with it, and think of it rather
    as ersatz "premium" ice cream. While it is all
    dressed up as a premium product, it is not.

    While it has little air in it -- like Ben & Jerry's or
    Hagen Dazs -- it is not nearly as rich, creamy or
    smooth, and lacks the same butter fat content.
    Perhaps more importantly, the mixed in ingredients are
    of poor quality indeed. For example, the banana
    flavor does not have "chocolate" chunks, but rather
    sports "chocolatey" chunks -- fake chocolate! I just
    don't go in for this sort of thing.

    I would also add that Edy's regular brand, for my
    money, is by far the worst of the mass market ice
    creams. I do however, at least give them credit for
    trying to market a banana ice cream, which as far as I
    am concerned, is something we need much more of.

    By the way, it is my understanding that Edy's is the
    actual manufacturer of the Godiva and Starbucks ice
    cream brands, which are very good, and good products

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    1. re: Rob
      Harris Gershman

      Check out the "Chilly Chile" or something...Good
      vanilla with assorted spicey nuts and an intriguing
      "mole" swirl that actually has hints of chili powder
      mixed in the chocolate...not addictive, but different!

      1. re: Harris Gershman
        Frank Language

        It's "Hot Chilly Chile", and it was the first Dreamery flavor I tried.

        Most of these flavors don't "grab" me; the idea with the Dreamery flavors is to have a stunning flavor sensation embodied in a stunning name. (Can you say "marketing"? Who cares if the ingredients suck?) So the only other one I've bothered trying is "Nuts about Malt", which I thought was great as well.

        I wouldn't call Edy's mass-market ice cream the "worst" of all the national brands, either; I think it's on a par with Breyer's, at least. For quite a while - longer than I care to admit - I was putting it in my coffee every morning. Now I've switched to tea, thank god.

    2. I've tried the mint and the honeybun. At first taste, they are very good but then you realize that they are way too sweet. Though I do love Edy's chocolate mousse.

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      1. re: Dee
        Rachel Perlow

        Havn't had the honeybun. Please describe. Still like the mint - the fact that it's sweet & extra chocolately is probably what I do like about it.

        1. re: Rachel Perlow

          I also thought their rendition of chocolate peanut butter cup was very satisfying - much better than Haagen Dazs', and in the running with Baskin Robbins.

        2. re: Dee

          It's actually called stickybun, not honeybun. It is vanilla with pralined nuts and raisins.

          1. re: Dee

            Just got to try the chocolate truffle explosion today. First taste was great. Love the choc. truffle chunks. But after the first high wore off, realized the choc. ice cream itself wasn't that great. Too much bitter aftertaste. You're right--the chocolate mousse is much better.

          2. I have also tried the Cool Mint ice cream made by Edy's . It has penguins on the front. I am eating it right now. It tastes GREAT ! I LoVe all of the chocolate in it.
            "Introducing Edy's Dreamery, a new line of indulgent ice creams that bring your wildest dreams about ice cream to reality. Edy's Dreamery comes in a Wonderland of Flavorslike Cool Mint. It's arctic white mint ice cream with fudge swirls, cool thin mint cookies and whole peppermint patties."

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            1. re: nl

              Funny, I've always detested the gummy quality of Edy's/Dryer's, but the Dreamery flavors don't taste like relatives of Edy's at all. My latest find is "creme caramel," which is a fancy name for caramel ice cream with generous swirls of caramel.

            2. The original comment has been removed