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Aug 25, 1999 10:20 PM

ARH, what are the findings of the Jewish-style pastries mini-survey?

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I'd like to know to guide my own surveying.

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  1. A vacation and subsequent emergency diet intervened,
    but I did get to try Gertel’s cinnamon babka. I’m now
    torn between Gertel’s and Moishe’s as my favorite.

    Gertel’s cake is somewhat softer, and may contain a
    bit of egg. Their filling, while delicious, is not
    quite so delicious as Moishe’s (read: not as similar
    to the babka of my childhood), but there is far, far
    more of it in each loaf. Gertel’s babka also contains
    air pockets, as though its filling had shrunk away
    from the cake during baking, which makes it more
    crumble-prone. The air pockets are not a financial
    issue, as Gertel’s sells by weight; nonetheless, I
    think that they’re more expensive than Moishe’s.

    The following are potential babka sources per “New
    York Neighborhoods…” (see my other postings in the
    earlier thread):

    Borough Park
    - Strauss, 5115 13th Av.
    - Weiss, 5011 13th Av.
    - Korn’s, 1278 49th St. (mentioned for babka)
    - Shick’s, 4710 16th Av.

    - Traditional Kosher,123 Lee Av.
    - Sanders Kosher, 159 Lee Av.

    Interestingly, Ed Levine lists “None” as the best
    babka in the baked-goods section of “New York Eats.”

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    1. re: AHR

      I have to agree...between Moishe's and Gertel's, you've
      pretty much got it made, babka-wise. There are some
      good Polish babkas in Greenpoint; plug along Manhattan
      Avenue and you'll find a bunch. But I prefer the more
      Jewish/Russian style, as made at those two places.