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Aug 24, 1999 08:21 AM


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I don't know if the scones served at Kitchenette are
"traditional" since I don't know what a traditional
scone is, exactly. But they sure are tasty. Moist
flaky pastry, filled with fruit (I like Blueberry best,
but they're all good).

Kitchenette is at 80 West Broadway (corner of Warren)

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  1. A good "Gold Standard" is a scone at Tea & Sympathy on
    Greenwich Ave between 12th & 13th Streets. They're
    proper-sized (toddler's fist not quarterback's fist)
    and float off the plate. Divine!

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    1. re: Pam Sommers

      Mmmmm. Tea & Sympathy scones with clotted cream....

      1. re: chimera

        i miss the old, gluier clotted cream t&s used to sport with their scones. but, yes, definitely, these scones are my favorite.