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Jul 27, 1999 10:12 PM

Best Margarita?

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Where are there really good margaritas? Prefereably
not too expensive, and along with edible food.

One of the great faults of Gabriela's our local
mexican, is that its margaritas are so bad as to
qualify as acts of aggression. Sort of like limeade
with barely a kick.

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    Michele Fuchs

    L-Ray on West 10th st between 5th and 6th has
    excellent margaritas. I was brought there for drinks
    and we had some apps and then went back with a group
    for dinner on my birthday. Gulf Rim food,Zarela's son
    Aaron Sanchez is the chef. The food is great and the
    place is fun. Great for drinks (long interesting bar)
    or dinner.

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    1. re: Michele Fuchs

      Miracle Grill has my favorite traditional margarita,
      and the one made with fresh mango juice at Maya is
      delicious as well.

      1. re: Martha Gehan

        Pagans! Margaritas with tropical fruit juices? There is no such thing. A great marg has only tequila (100% agave), cointreau, and lime, is never serves frozen and should have salt on the rim of the glass. Zarela in Manhattan does a credible job; the best are at the El Dorado bar in Nuevo Laredo, Mex.

        1. re: Greg Spence

          You're right! Let's just say Tabla's "margarita" is a
          yummy cocktail and leave it at that. I must admit
          that a frozen margarita is one of my guilty pleasures
          though. I think this makes me a heathen rather than a

          1. re: Greg Spence

            Agree about content. Haven't been to Nueva Laredo but
            the ones I've tasted in Mexico D.F. (or Mexico City if
            you prefer) clearly outshine many I've had in the
            U.S. I hate the frozen prepared limeade type. A
            great blue agave tequila is the key. Making me
            thirsty, though!

            1. re: Kitz

              by far, and we've had them all over the world, the best margaritas come right out of "tortilla flats' on the corner of washington st and w. 12th in nyc. first, they have herradurra tequila, the top of the best of the best tequilas, and the t.f. margaritas never ever separate!!!!! we hate when two minutes after you're served a frozen 'rita, that the head separates from the base... hate it. they have the best.

              1. re: lydia

                Try El Teddy's on West Broadway, just north of Chambers Street. Unique mexican food twist, excellent variety of tequilas and "extras" can be combined to create your own delicious margarita.

      2. Not traditional, but Tabla has a yummy margarita with
        some kind of tropical fruit pureed in it -
        passionfruit, maybe? It's on their special cocktail
        menu and costs a bracing $8.00. They have delicious
        and pretty appetizers/bar snacks and the drinks are so
        good there. (There's a $25 appetizer variety platter
        that 5 of us shared. A few bites of lots of good
        stuff for everyone.) They also set some tables outside
        after about 6:00 and it's very pleasant because it's
        set back off the street and under the monumental 3
        story high entrance archway so it's protected in case
        it sprinkles (we should be so lucky!) Pricy but nice.