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Jul 19, 1999 10:34 AM

Egg Farm Dairy Ice Cream

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On a whim I sent my girlfriend six pints of Egg Farm
Dairy ice cream, which I had read about here and which
can be ordered over the internet. (i actually called
with a question about cyber-ordering and ended up
ordering by phone.)

I'm just here to confirm the reports of its
wonderfulness. The intensity of flavor, and the
overwhelming, unmistakable fresh taste of each was
stunning. Pink Grapefruit sorbet is very much a
piercing water ice--nothing but grapefruit and pure
cane sugar. Fall flower honey icecream has a slightly
grainy texture and a delicious honey taste. Ginger ice
cream is strong and creamy. The chocolate is almost
like a block of baker's chocolate--it flakes more than
scoops, and is unlike any chocolate ice cream I've had.
Strawberry rhubarb ice cream and sorbet both scream of
fresh strawberries, the sorbet version being closer to
a sherbet than an ice. I really place this ice cream
on par with the best I've had. I love Berthillon in
Paris, but this definitely tastes fresher (and after
the American way, is much creamier). Having it
delivered costs a pretty penny ($46 for 6 pints) but I
think it's a worthy splurge. Order it on-line at the
link below.

-Dan S.


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  1. j
    JOsh Mittleman

    Jonathan's latest flavor is Vanilla Clabber, made with
    his own clabber (similar to creme fraiche). It's a
    touch too sweet for my taste, but the sourness of the
    clabber balances it. Really nice.

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    1. re: JOsh Mittleman

      This in today's Food secton of Cleveland Plain
      Dealer:"Cream of the crop: Wooster business woos
      customers with frozen delights." Apparently, a small
      family owned business out of Wooster, OH, has started
      Woo City World Class Ice Cream. As reporter John S.
      Long states "Who would have dreamed that the nation's
      first organic, super-premium ice cream could taste so
      good?" They are using Amish Dairy cream at 16%
      butterfat, no emulsifiers, sweeteners, or additives.
      Flavors include Tahitian Vanilla, Triple Belgian
      Chocolate, Organic Coffee,Strawberry-Rose Petal, Rum-
      Raisin,("giant raisins that seem to squirt rum"),
      Black-Wanut Maple, and Earl Grey. A line of sorbets
      and a Tofu,(Woo-Foo), product are to follow. This
      super-premium organic ice cream comes with a super-
      premium price: 6.49 a pint for ice cream and 4.50 a
      pint for sorbets. Apparently they will have a web site
      up and running in about 2 weeks for overnight
      shipping. I have never seen or tried these products
      yet, but I will definitely search them out for a try
      and report back if I am successful.

      1. re: Heidi

        In my haste to fly out of the house, I forgot to post
        the web

    2. I've been reading a lot about Egg Farm Dairy Ice Cream
      on these boards. I know you can order them by phone
      or Net, but is there anywhere to buy them in Manhattan?

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      1. re: Susan
        Josh Mittleman

        I think they are selling through a couple of the NYC
        gourmet stores, but I'm not sure which. Call them and
        ask; they're friendly people.

        1. re: Josh Mittleman
          Daniel Sonenberg

          I took Josh's suggestion and called about retail
          availability in Manhattan. Nothing yet, but the woman
          I spoke to said I should check back soon--they're just
          establishing a retail relationship with a store in
          Baltimore, and are hoping to do so in NYC any time now.

          I had some more last night, by the way, and it is
          simply unbelievable. Get some Fall Flower Honey ice
          cream TODAY!!! (I swear I don't work for them!)


      2. j
        Joe Schumacher

        Wow! What an ice cream! This was best I've ever had,
        beating Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, OH. I
        stopped in on Saturday, tried half a dozen flavors and
        bought the buckwheat honey, ginger buttermilk sherbet,
        and Cassis (blackcurrant) sorbet. The latter is
        intensely fruity - a real palate cleanser.

        In case anyone is headed that way keep in mind that
        they only sell ice cream by the pint - no cones (it was
        explained to me that they don't have the freezer
        space). However, the woman who was working was happy
        to give me some dry ice for a cooler.

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        1. re: Joe Schumacher

          Just received six pints from EFD: I couldn't resist.
          I've only just tasted each one, but some of the flavors
          are quite good, some less so. Dark chocolate is
          nothing like any ice cream I've ever tasted - it's more
          like frozen cocoa, you have to chew it as it's melting
          in your mouth. It intrigues me, but I'm not sure I'd
          want a whole scoop. Ginger is lovely - sharp, spicy
          ginger flavor in an unbelievably creamy base. Espresso
          was too sweet and not strong enough for my taste.
          Vanilla clabber is very interesting - creamy, almost
          yogurty, very refreshing. The highlight of the bunch,
          I think, is the pink grapefruit sorbet - no bitterness,
          just an explosion of tart grapefruit that has the
          perfect balance of sweetness. Lastly, I bought a pint
          of buckwheat honey ice cream, and I think it may be
          rancid - I can't imagine anyone wanting ice cream to
          taste like it did. I called them and the woman was
          incredibly accomodating, apologized and credited my
          account. All in all, I would recommend EFD, but I'm
          not positive yet that the steep price is worth the
          product. If I had it to do over, I'd get both the
          cassis and pink grapfruit sorbets, but I'd give the
          honey another try - I just think it could be wonderful
          if it tastes the way it's meant to.

          1. re: Mara

            The Buckwheat Honey ice cream *is* incredibly
            wonderful. If you'd gotten it as it should be, you'd
            have no question as to whether it was supposed to tast
            like that. It's like really flavorful, but not overly
            sweet vanilla. The buckwheat, being such a rich flavor
            of honey adds a lot. We had an ice cream tasting, so
            there were about 9 of us agreeing that it was worth
            getting again. The ginger and grapefruit were also
            favorites. Hope you do try it again and enjoy it.

            1. re: Mara

              re: the rancid ice cream, call them at the dairy.
              They're very nice people and will surely send you a
              replacement. But, just as important, they'll want to
              track the batch and figure out how it went wrong and
              who else might have received bad ice cream.

              I'd call 'em right now!