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Apr 2, 1999 06:24 AM


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Where in New York City can you get a really good plate of chili?

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    In my experience, you can't. When I want chili, I make
    it myself; but then, my idea of chili is West Texas
    Red: No tomatos, no beans, just beef and chiles and a
    few other spices.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman

      I have to agree with Ann. In NYC Chili is definitely
      a make at home dish - although I'm not a purist. Hand
      cut chuck, ground ancho and serrano chilies, toasted
      cumin, some small red or black beans, crushed tomato,
      garlic, onion, and a small hit of cocoa powder to
      round out the flavor.

      1. re: Governor

        Here's a hot tip: Benny's Burritos makes killer beef
        chili, and if you live downtown, they can probably
        deliver. They just slop some veggie chili on top of
        some of that yummy shredded beef, but the end result
        is a toothsome, meaty meal. They definitely put some
        nice seasoning in the chili, and I truly do love that
        beef (though it was way too dry and salty the one time
        I ate at the West Village Benny's).

        Your best bet, though, is to ask them to leave off the
        glutinous Jack cheese and sour cream, which is extra
        off-putting if the delivery arrives cold (not
        uncommon, unfortunately). I got a microwave recently,
        and this was a definite factor in my rationalization