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Apr 1, 1999 05:58 AM

the best scallops in black bean sauce in nyc?

  • j

The most tender, luscious
fragrant, and crisply fried
scallops in black bean sauce can
be found at a resturant called
Son Lok Kee on 13 mott st
in chinatown no1.
I have tried this dish in many
chinese food huts around nyc
including queens and this is
simply de top bannana

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  1. b
    barry strugatz

    I also enjoy their razor clams in black bean sauce,
    and their salt baked soft shell crabs and salt baked
    baby octopuses ( or is that octupi?).

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    1. re: barry strugatz

      Sun Lok Kee is the best! Ask for Barbequed Shrimp.
      It's not on the menu and it's a fantastic dish. Big
      whole shrimp in the shell in a wonderful
      spicy/salty/oily (but not too) coating that you suck
      off completely before shelling and eating the shrimp.
      (Give some thought to who you go there with. If done
      properly, this can be a fairly obscene process!)
      Sauteed watercress which is brilliantly green and
      fresh and gives up a sharp liquor when flash sauteed
      in garlicky oil. It's not oily though, just delicious
      and flavorful. The holy trinity of dishes at this
      place is completed by the Ginger Scallion Lo-mein
      which is just that, slivers of fresh ginger, scallions
      and slippery luscious lo-mein noodles. Yum!

      1. re: Pam Sommers

        This restaurant is the haunt of many a chef in the
        great city...Its late hours produce three dishes that
        I highly recommend...Clams in Black Bean Sauce/Garlic
        Chives/Soft Shell Crabs[12 to an order]...Bring your
        bottle of Johnny Walker Red and sit down for a great
        meal with the locals and a few chefs from the
        city...after midnight of course...JIMBO