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Mar 25, 1999 03:34 PM

Wonki Kim -- favorite Flushing Korean?

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Wondi -- thanks for the awesome rundown on midtown
Korean places. What are your recommendations for

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  1. Sorry about the misspelling, Wonki.

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    1. re: wendy canada

      hey wenky :-), that's okay, i didn't even notice the
      spelling mistake. maybe you might have been mixing up
      my name and yours? i'd love to help you out more on
      korean places in flushing, except i don't really eat
      there too often. (you see, since my mom's the best
      cook i know, i don't feel like i need to travel to
      flushing for good korean food). i'll have to ask my
      dad, since he's there quite a bit. i'm pretty sure his
      favorite is kum gang san, though, on northern boulevard
      just off main street. but that's a big place.
      the little spots out of the way are where the
      jewels are. there must be others out there who would
      know though . . . anyone?

      1. re: wonki

        one thing i forgot to mention if you get the sul rong
        tang at gam mee ok. don't forget to add the scallions
        and salt to the soup (they're on the table) or it's
        going to be real bland. but BE CAREFUL with the salt,
        it's industrial strength and a little goes a long way.
        also, the kimchi will provide plenty of saltiness as

        1. re: wonki

          I remember a korean friend of mine (a paisan from the other side of the world ... if you will ) took me to a place on Northern just off Union Street ... across from Flushing High School ... it was great! and not to pricey either!!