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Mar 15, 1999 12:53 PM

Chocolate cake

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Well I always have a hard time saying something is "The
Best" in its category; thus I post on this board very
rarely. But I'll just say this about the chocolate cake
at Ceci Cela bakery, Spring and Mulberry: It defines,
in my mind, exactly what a chocolate cake should be.

It is a two layer cake, with some type of mousse or
chocolate cream in between the layers. Covering the
cake is an extremely rich ganache; in a circle around
the top of the cake are 12 kiss-shaped drops of dark
chocolate; and a very fine dusting of cocoa powder
covers the top.

I'm sure there is a better chocolate cake somewhere in
the world; but somehow I can't imagine it. Also -- Ceci
Cela has excellent fruit tarts of all descriptions. If
you are in the neighborhood with a sweet tooth, try out
their Financier -- it is like a tart, but the base is
more muffiny.

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  1. I've never had their chocolate cake, but ceci-cela
    makes my absolutely favorite napoleons, with a layer of
    always fresh (even in winter) raspberries snuggled in
    the middle.

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    1. re: rachelhope


      I am THERE for those raspberry Napoleons!

      I called them today and they are only open til 7 on Saturdays. What's with that? Are they ever open late, do you happen to know?

      Thanks for the heads up on the Naps!

      1. re: rachelhope

        Hi Rachel,

        I went by today for a rasberry napoleon -- excellent! I
        had never been in their seating area before, in the
        rear of the bakery -- it's a very pleasant space to sit

        1. re: rachelhope

          Boy, I see what you mean about those rasberries. I just had a slice of their rasberry Linzer torte (my colleague's birthday cake) and it was just phenomenal! It felt like I was on the farm, eating rasberries straight off the vine with fresh sweet cream.

        2. You might be interested yesterday's (3/17) NYTimes food
          section article entitled, "Endangered: The Beloved
          American Layer Cake". There's a nice chocolate
          cake recipe in there along with the do's and don'ts
          of baking one yourself if you're so inclined.

          1. Although you weren't specific about the type of
            chocolate cake, I happen to be a big fan of the glazed
            chocolate cake at Barcco To Go on Greenwich Avenue
            between Jane & Horatio.

            This is a very chocolatey loaf cake with a simple
            ganache glaze. $3.00 for a nice-sized piece.

            1. One of the best chocolate cakes I ever had was long ago
              at The Coach House. It involved several kinds of
              chocoalate, and was a dacquoise type cake. There was a
              recent NY Times article on the reopened version of the

              When we had it, years ago, we asked for the recipe. It
              took my mother and me several hours to make (not
              counting baking time). It was good, but not THAT good.

              I haven't been to the new restaurant, but it's worth a

              1. Just wanted to add that I had an excellent
                lemon tart from Ceci Cela several months back.