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Dec 2, 1998 11:34 AM


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Does anyone know where the best jellybeans are sold in
NYC? It's for my Aunt's 90th birthday.


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  1. Evelyns on John Street nr Broadway downtown has good
    traditional candies, and I have bought good jellybeans
    there in the past. Ask for a taste if you're not
    sure. They also, at this time of year, may have those
    wonderful, traditional candies that look like venetian
    glass (and sometimes ribbons)and are flavored with
    cinnamon, clove oil. etc. The first time I had them,
    it took me straight back to early childhood.

    If your jelly beans are being eaten by a
    traditionalist and not a crazy, avoid those mixed
    jelly bellies like the plague! Since so many look
    similar, there can be many unpleasant surprises.