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best vegetable soup

jen kalb Nov 16, 1998 05:18 PM

I was lucky enough to visit Rinconcito Peruano for
lunch today, because they served the very best
vegetable soup I have ever had on their special
lunch. I am not sure what all was in it - it was a
light colored soup, thickened perhaps with cornmeal,
with some bits of green bean, corn etc. and some
bigger pieces of cauliflower and an unfamiliar root
veg of a rather doughy, interesting texture. Perked
up with bits of coriander, and optional add-ins of
lime and a garlicky/chile sauce. The beef stew served
on the meal wasn't anything much, but there is a
goddess in that kitchen, for sure.

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  1. d
    Dave Feldman RE: jen kalb Nov 16, 1998 09:24 PM

    Timing is everything at Rinconcito Perauano. Went
    there for dinner last Friday, and as usual, they were
    out of many items, including ceviche. But somehow you
    can always wheedle a good to great meal out of RP.

    I tried the fried rice w/mixed seafood, and my friend
    Stinky had a homey fried fish w/tomatos, peppers and

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    1. re: Dave Feldman
      John Knoesel RE: Dave Feldman Nov 18, 1998 08:19 PM

      I have to ask...
      Have you known Stinky since you guys were kids and...
      How did he get the name ?
      Regards, JK

      1. re: John Knoesel
        Dave Feldman RE: John Knoesel Nov 19, 1998 12:57 AM

        I've known Stinky personally only this year, but I had
        read much about him (and by him) before then. For
        details, see the world's only website:




    2. c
      Chris E. RE: jen kalb Nov 18, 1998 07:15 PM

      Where is this fabled joint?

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      1. re: Chris E.
        John Knoesel RE: Chris E. Nov 18, 1998 08:21 PM

        9th Ave. (west side) just north of 53rd Street.

        1. re: Chris E.
          Alan Divack RE: Chris E. Nov 18, 1998 08:28 PM

          803 Ninth Ave, near 53rd --

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