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Oct 9, 1998 03:12 PM

chopped liver

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Russ & Daughters. It's the only one.

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    Jeremy Osner

    Russ and Daughters also has quite extraordinary
    scallion cream cheese. Indeed I would venture that much
    of what they sell is at or near the top of its

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    1. re: Jeremy Osner

      Gee, Jeremy, you didn't even mention my favorite
      scallion cream cheese within 10 feet? What about
      Ben's? For that matter, if I'm in the neighborhood, I
      must admit that I usually buy the cc w/walnuts and
      raisins and their fabulous butter.

      Of Moishe's, Russ & Daughter's and Ben's, Ben's has
      always been my favorite. But I promise to try the
      chopped liver at R&D. When I used to frequent R&D
      frequently, I don't even remember selling it.

      DF, who bought some more chopped liver today at Barney

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Ben's was a great place, but, unfortunately, it's been out of business for almost a year.

        1. re: Jon Wolfe

          Ben's is gone? Agggh!!!

          I still see Ben's butter being sold at Fairway. Has it gone to an all-wholesale business? What's happened to the space where Ben's has been?



          1. re: Dave Feldman

            The only good chopped liver is the kind you make yourself - and it has to be made with chicken livers.So, forget about buying it because it is only good if it is eaten within 4 hours of making it.

            1. re: drzarkov

              Have to disagree with you. My homemade chopped liver is fine the next day, often two days later.

              Try the C.L. at Barney Greengrass and tell me if you don't think it tastes fresh and homemade.


              1. re: Dave Feldman

                THE best chopped liver is said to be my mother-in-law's
                recipe. In the 1970's we had a restaurant in
                Middletown, CT where we made tons (yuck) of it.

                And yes, it improves over a 24 hour period. One secret
                is to have your onions nearly carmelized. Save the oil.
                In fact, after 24 hours, it needs to be fine-tuned with
                "onion oil" and salt & peppa.

                Won't eat it myself, but I do know how to taste for
                proper balance.