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Sep 25, 1998 03:03 PM


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When in Santa Fe (NM), you must go the farmer's market on Saturday morning. Find a small produce stand with a sign that says "Produce from Chimayo, NM". Adelia Vigil makes the best tamale I have ever eaten - she has them at the stand in a thermos box that says "Warn Tamales". Go early. I haven't treied the vegetable, but the Pork was FANTASTIC. I had forgotten what a real tamale was like. Any suggestions for tamales in NY? Don't say Gabriela's. Thanks.

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  1. Try these places, all of them are simple places, nary a

    Festival Mexicano on Rivington St.
    Lupe's on Sixth Avenue*.
    Sucelt Coffee Shop on 14th Street.

    *has vegetable tamales

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      Connie Crothers

      There is an excellent tamale at Rinconcito Peruano on
      Ninth Ave. near 53rd St. in Manhattan. It is Peruvian.
      You can probably only get it on Saturday.