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Sep 23, 1998 04:46 AM

Chopped Liver

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In a recent New York Observer, Ron Rosenbaum waxed poetic about the chopped liver at Barney Greengrass (86th and Amsterdam).

He was right.

It's absolutely the best commercial chopped liver I've ever eaten, full of big hunks of hard boiled eggs and onions.

Great stuff.


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    Barry Strugatz

    Barney Greengrass also has the absolute best lox,
    onions and eggs. Does anyone know how they cook
    those onions?...They're black but not

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    1. re: Barry Strugatz

      The lox, onion, and eggs are the reason I'd never had the chopped liver before . I don't really "understand" omelettes. I've always preferred scrambled eggs with stuff in it.


      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Okay, now I know this is not your average chowhound's
        kinda place but for a fancy (and pricy)twist on
        traditional chopped liver, try the version at Loebel's
        on the Upper East Side. Trust me...

      2. re: Barry Strugatz
        Dan Sonenberg

        I have been to Barney Greengrass twice, once take-out,
        once eat-in, and have found the lox to be vastly
        overrated, and overpriced. It just didn't compare at
        all to what I think is the best lox on the Upper West
        Side--Zabar's Norwegian style smoked salmon. At under
        $6.00 for a quarter you can't go wrong, but they don't
        always have it. It's a dry lox, not oily like Nova,
        and it's best if you can convince them to start a new
        fish for you. And it's really best if you have
        David--the guy with the big bushy mustache--cut it for
        you. He's moody, but he's the best damn fish cutter in
        the city.

        1. re: Dan Sonenberg


          Until last week, literally the only thing I've ever eaten at BG's is the lox, onions, and eggs, which I think is terrific. But the chopped liver is truly special.

          I know the counterman you're talking about at Zabar's. I haven't had the salmon you recommend, and promise to try it in the near future.


          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Dunno if you folks are looking for takeaway only or if
            sit down is OK too, but they make the chopped liver
            right at your table at Sammy's Romanian Steakhouse. If
            memory serves me, it was the best thing about the
            meal. The steaks and chops--again, it's been a while--
            were Flintstonian in size but not really great cuts.