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Sep 18, 1998 10:22 AM

bibim bap and more generally best Korean Midtown?

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I really like just about all bibim bap versions I've been served (or made) - but are there any places in Midtown South area that make it particularly well? Any place that is the frontrunning Korean overall right now?

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  1. Han Bat on W 36th serves excellent bibimbap. It is
    served in a hot stone crock, so that the rice on the
    bottom gets crusty by the time you get down to it, and
    tasty from absorbing all the juices from what is on
    top. The best Korean in midtown? I'm not cure, but
    definitely worth a stop for lunch.

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    1. re: Alan Divack

      Han Bat is best known for its sulong tang. Midtown is
      not the best place to get korean (Queens is,
      obviously), but Korea Palace on e. 54th is pretty
      good...its a pleasant place to eat. I know there are a
      couple other places in the area, but i've never eaten
      at any of them.

      In "Koreatown," on w. 35th street are woo chon and yet
      jip, which are both ok...they have the better pan chan
      in the area. Personally, all of my faves are in Fort
      Lee and Queens...

      1. re: Sandy Paik

        Sandy, please reveal your favorite Korean restaurants
        in the Flushing, Queens area. Thanks.

        1. re: Sandy Paik


          And while you're at it (if it isn't too much trouble) tell us the names and addresses of your Korean Faves in Fort Lee. Thanks.


          1. re: Sandy Paik

            And what about Bop, newly reopened on the Bowery? Have
            you tried it?

        2. hey everyone, i'm new to chowhound but i thought i'd
          put my two cents in. as far as 32nd street between 5th
          and Broadway (now known as Korea Way), I think that
          most of the big places are pretty comparable, except
          that certain places are more known for particular
          dishes. For example, I would go to Dae Dong Myun Ok
          for their naengmyun, which is cold noodle soup and
          excellent for the upcoming warm weather. Put in a
          little vinegar (supplied on your table next to the soy
          sauce) to taste and slurp away. You can't beat it.
          their Korean bbq is pretty good as well. Kumgangsan,
          which is probably one of the best in Flushing, also
          just opened up on 32nd, and their teuk kalbi (special
          kalbi), a form of korean bbq, is excellent. Wonjo is
          pretty good in general, though slipping I think.
          There's a new soondubu place that also just opened up
          on the second floor above this cafe called Spot.
          Soondubu, is a hot tofu stew, usually with seafood in
          it. They can make it as spicy as you like it. this is
          a favorite dish of many koreans, the tofu is silken and
          absorbs the spicy flavor of the broth and seafood,
          mmmm. the soondubu i had at daedong was pretty good
          the one time i had it there. if you're looking for
          sulrongtang, although hanbat's is good, most koreans
          prefer gam mee ok on 32nd. That's pretty much all they
          make there, and the broth has been brewing in huge
          cauldrons for at least 24 hours there. My friend also
          describes their kimchi as "magical". I must agree
          their kimchi is pretty darn good. And if you're
          looking for chinese-influenced korean food, there's
          sang choon won on 32nd as well. Go there for the ja
          jang myun and jam bbong. Also the kan poong ki and
          tang su yook is good there. If you want more details
          or have more questions, ask away, i'm a chowhound in
          every sense of the word and will be more than happy to
          share my thoughts on just about any restaurant i've
          eaten in the city. people at work call me the walking
          zagat so don't be shy. by the way, ate at tabla
          recently and loved it. best place i've been to in a

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          1. re: Wonki Kim

            Great message, Wonki, thanks so much. Hope you stick around!

            Hey, have you tried my favorite mecca for Korean grandmotherly soulfood? Bo, in Queens?

            I've written about it elsewhere on these boards...try the search engine (use just "bo" as your search string).


            1. re: Jim Leff


              i guess you can ignore the message i left for you in
              the international board. glad you liked my post.
              don't worry, i'm sticking around. mike and i are true
              chowhounds, but it's tough not to be when you eat out
              every single meal.

            2. re: Wonki Kim

              try kiya on 32nd. it's tucked away from korean way,
              but has a wide variety of korean and other dishes. by
              far the best cha chan myun in all of mid-town.
              their specialty is the shabu shabu. yeah, i know not
              really korean. but they offer a real wide variety of
              foods, including sushi. try it. it is a real change
              from having a menu of three or four things on the menu
              that is all korean to having a real variety when
              you're feeling discontent with only a full korean fare.