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Jul 14, 1998 09:20 AM

Churrascaria Plataforma

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For a great Brazilian Barbeque, try Churrascaria Plataforma on 49th street between 8th and 9th.
I wrote about it, I think, in the Manhattan section of the boards. I ate there very recently and had a
great meal. Everything from chicken to salmon to steak to pork to lamb...and over again until you tell
them to stop. The service was perfect, the place pretty/business-like. Upscale crowd. The salad bar
was enormous.

The place in Newark is Iberia. It is perhaps Portugese but it is very good (maybe not as nice as CP)
and it is in the Flatiron District in Newark.


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  1. I would definitely NOT recommend Churrascaria
    Plataforma. I had a reservation in June on a weekday
    for a friend's birthday. We still had to wait two
    hours! They overbook and are nasty about it. The food
    was only mediocre and by then we were all disgusted.
    Master Grill in College Point, Queens has better food,
    atmosphere, with great service and is about $10
    cheaper. You also have to wait there, but at least
    they are nicer and everyone knows it is because it is
    so popular and they don't take reservations (unless
    your 6 or more).

    1. If I remember properly, the section in Newark is the
      Ironbound, not Flatiron. The latter is a building in

      1. Ate there last Thursday; No wait; great service and great food. Paul Newman was there also.