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Jul 13, 1998 02:49 PM


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Ignoring the barbaric spelling: What are the best
places in the city for Brazillian barbeque?

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  1. p
    Peter Palmieri

    There are many very good places along and just off
    Ferry St in the Portuguese/Brazilian section of
    Newark, NJ. All of them are of good quality and quite
    reasonable. The one I go to is on the second floor on
    the north side of Ferry St but damn if I remember the
    name. It's a fun area to walk around. The people are
    friendly and I am sure, if asked, will point out what
    they believe to be the best around. Enjoy an espresso
    and while in the cafe ask one of the servers. Also,
    there is a more upscale one on Route 21 in Newark
    close to the Performing Arts Center just over the
    Harrison bridge--Seabras.

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    1. re: Peter Palmieri

      The name of the place on Ferry St. is Brasilia.
      Something like 135 or 137 Ferry St. Very friendly and
      the skewered steak is the best thing on the menu

      1. re: Jim T.

        I've eaten at seabras, 201 465 1250, 87 madison ave newark n.j. very good indeed