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Jun 22, 1998 03:37 PM


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I have some favorite places but... I would like to know which restaurants (all price levels) chowhounds think have the best escargot.
This could be traditional (the more butter and garlic, the better) to the non-traditional. Cafe Des Artiste used to have a great version in
a pastry shell with mushrooms and garlic gravy/sauce. I haven't been back since they re-opened but I think it was removed from the
menu before they were forced to close. Jean Lafitte has a traditional version that is great. Any others? This just may be my favorite food,
of course next to Baked Macaroni and Cheese. I even have my boyfriend craving it now!

I look forward to your suggestions!

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  1. Try Le Gigot on Cornelia St. (a couple doors next to
    Home). I had some really fab escargot there last
    year. It's a very tight and small place, but very

    1. For non-traditional escargots, go to Hop Kee for
      Snails in Black Bean Sauce - the best!