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May 11, 1998 05:18 PM

best expensive sushi

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my friends in japan insist that the sushi in n.y. is
better than the sushi in tokyo. while that's certainly
not true overall, two places they've taken me have been
1) kuruma zushi--really the best, i think, overall,
because fish is really top-notch (particularly toro)
and really friendly to non-japanese...have no problems
with you sitting at the sushi will run
$80-150 per person.
2) sushi hatsu--probably slightly better quality
fish--best in n.y.--but has reputation for being rude
(even to japanese diners.) if you're not japanese, it
helps if you know some of the japanese fish names,
seems to loosen sushi chef up a bit...

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    Josef Fioretta

    Dear Mr. Leff:

    I know where you are coming regarding your pick for
    some of the best sushi in New York. I should like
    inform you (if you do not already know) about another
    Japanese restaurant which serves gourmet food, yet
    never has appeared in Zagat's. The name is Kameda on
    University Place between 10th and 11th Street. I have
    been going for years and insist that their sashimi is
    top is an epicurean delight. They are that good. When
    you get the chance, please go there and let me know
    what you think. I am a regular there and always pay my
    way just as you do the same. Our family has been in
    the restaurant business and knows food.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Josef Fioretta

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    1. re: Josef Fioretta

      Japonica on University Place at 13th ST is classic
      Village Japanese & the chefs can do all the "new"
      rolls. But they do magnificent sushi and can cost
      almost as much as Kuruma & Rose uptown.