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Thai food in Atlanta, Ga

Tanya May 7, 1998 02:13 PM

I am looking for good enexpensive Thai food in Atlanta or the area west of Atlanta.

Thank you


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    Alex RE: Tanya May 15, 1998 03:37 PM

    Thai Chili on Briarcliff(I think) has excellent Thai food and is very reasonable.

    Bai Tong on Chesire is also very good and reasonable.

    In Va. Highlands, Surin is great, but a little more expensive.

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    1. re: Alex
      ivanstoler RE: Alex Feb 9, 1999 07:06 PM

      Tamarind on 14th st,just off off I 75/85 is pretty
      good. Though it can be uneven 2 times

      1. re: ivanstoler
        Victoria Carr RE: ivanstoler Mar 10, 1999 10:53 PM

        Definitely Surin in Virginia Highlands.

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