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Mar 25, 1998 09:15 PM

advice for dining

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I need to know the best restaurants to visit while in New York for two days only. fri-sun. japenese,mixed,different. How's Nobu?thanx

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  1. If you don't mind spending lots of money, Nobu's
    fine. They have a real good sushi chef. Don't miss
    the miso marinated black cod -- so intensely sweet and

    I suggest you read thru the Manhattan message board
    for other ideas.

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    1. re: Gary Cheong

      Thumbs up on the marinated-for-days cod. If you go to
      Nobu, it's a definite must. The flowers smell
      wonderful there too. La Paella (9th Street between
      2nd and 3rd) has yummy tapas (personally I like the
      ceviche). On the more economical side, Yoko cho (also
      on 9th street) has great non-sushi japanese including
      the wonderful chawanmushi (though much more enjoyable
      in the winter than the balmy weekend we're
      expecting). I also like Omen and Honmura An in Soho.
      Depends on your taste!

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      Robert Buxbaum

      The best, especially in dining, is quite subjective.
      IMHO, it's Restaurant Daniel, Lespinasse, Le Bernardin.
      I suspect they are all difficult to reserve for a
      Friday or Saturday night. I've only been to Nobu once.
      Although there was at least one clunker in our tasting
      menu, the rest of the dishes were fine, some of them
      reaching greatness. On the whole, I'd opt for Le
      Bernardin unless I really wanted a Japanese slant.
      That's a preference only. I'd certainly go back to
      Nobu and we were generally excited by our meal.
      Perhaps I'm also turned off a bit by any restaurant
      connected with celebrity hype.

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      1. re: Robert Buxbaum

        I agree with Robert that these three restaurants are fantastic, and also that it will be difficult to get a reservation. As an alternative to Le Bernadin, perhaps you should consider Oceana. The food is fabulous (although not quite as good as Le Bernadin - yet), the service impeccable and the decor beautiful. Also, the prices are reasonble - compared to Le Bernadin. Finally, you will probably have a better chance getting a recommendation on short notice.

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        Barbara Sweeney

        No strong recommendation in the Japanese category, but in the mixed, different categories: How about Patria on Park Ave South. Could be hard to get a reservation on the weekend but it might be worth a shot.

        1. Lisa,

          All the other postings are top notch, but if you've never been to the city, I'd suggest you try the uniquely New York restaurants--even though they are less than great gastronomic experiences (Peter Luger would be an exception if you order the steaks. CASH ONLY). Thus, the Rainbow Room, Four Seasons (I hear the duck is exceptional) and yes, even Tavern on the Green (sadly Pat Clark died)while not the best in food, are uniquely NYC $$$$ restaurants. Personally, I'd opt for the delis, appetizing store/restaurants, Ninth Ave, and Coal Oven Pizza, but you only have two days.