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Jan 24, 1998 03:56 PM

Cassoulet takeout: where?

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Where can I get good cassoulet to go?

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    Frank Language

    Well, the motto of the 2nd Ave. Deli (2nd Ave. and 10th
    street) is "The French have cassoulet; we have
    tcholent." I don't know if Florent (Gansevoort street
    and something) has takeout, but they almost certainly
    have cassoulet.

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    1. re: Frank Language

      I have been craving Cassoulet, I've only had it in
      france, any suggestions for a decent one here in NY
      I have been told that Les Halles or Provance are decent
      choices, not looking for a really fancy place.
      How is Florent?

      1. re: Philip Pace

        Les Jardin Bistro on Clevland Place (near Centre Street) has excellent cassoulet, as does Balthazar. I am sure that with all the bad press about the super trendy Balthazar going around, that this may be unbelievable, but trust me.

        1. re: Alex

          I've had cassoulet at Les Halles twice: the first was
          wonderful, the second only good. Last year I had it at
          Les Bistro de Gardin. The day was perfect: blustery
          and freezing cold. Unfortunately, so was the
          restaurant. However, the food was good. I have heard
          good things about Trois Jean, but never eaten there.

          1. re: Alan Emdin
            Rebecca Okrent

            Les Pyrenees (251 West 51St., 246-0044) or Dix et Sept
            (181 West Tenth St., 645-8023).ALso Les Halles. I
            used to be able to call Voulez-Vous and pick up an
            aluminum foil pan of bubbling cassoulet, but I think it
            closed (It was on the upper east side.) I've noticed
            shops like D&L and Citarella carry cans of the stuff--
            France's version of Pork and beans. It's always worth
            asking the chef of any restaurant whether you could
            have the dish to go. Many will discretely comply.

            1. re: Rebecca Okrent

              D&L? Do you mean Dean & DeLuca? It occurred to me
              awhile ago about cans, but when last I looked in dean
              & DeLuca and Citarella, I didn't notice any. I'll look
              again. Thank you. I'll also keep Dix et Sept in mind.
              Gourmet Garage used to sometimes have some too, but I
              haven't seen it lately--though I don't get there that
              often, and anyway its been a warm winter. But I have
              Cahor and Madiran that needs drinking.

              1. re: Rebecca Okrent

                I checked Citarella, Zabar's and fairway yesterday: no
                go. I recall Maison Glass on E 58 used to carry canned
                cassoulet, but I think they have gone out of business.

                1. re: Alan Emdin
                  Rebecca Okrent

                  There are cans of Cassoulet upstairs in Citerella. I
                  noticed them yesterday.

                  1. re: Rebecca Okrent

                    I must have missed them. but I did see some at dean &
                    DeLuca--probably for more $$. Now I just need some
                    suitable weather. Thanks for your help

            2. re: Alex
              Robert Buxbaum

              Le Jardin Bistro has an incredible pot of meat and
              beans. Incredible for the size of the portion, the
              taste and the price. I"ve found it's enough for two,
              especially if you want to have an appetizer or dessert.
              It's a real buy. What it didn't strike me as, however,
              was cassoulet. More authentic is the flavor of the
              cassoulet at Payard Bistro, but the price is
              considerably higher and there's less meat in the
              smaller portion. I was impressed by a cassoulet a
              friend had at Trois Jean. When I returned to order it
              for myself, I was less impressed, easpecially at the
              price. This was a while back. I've heard the
              restaurant has had it's ups and downs and is better
              again. Le Jardin Bistro is a winner if it needn't be
              the replica of the traditional dish of s.w. France.
              What the hell, Gerard is from Brittany.

            3. re: Philip Pace
              Frank Language

              I stand corrected: Florent does not have cassoulet.