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Jan 22, 1998 07:55 AM

Argentinian Beef

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Where can I get a great Argentinian filet or steak?
Anyone ever heard of Byron's in the Village?

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  1. See Alan Divack's posting on Pampa in the Manhattan
    section. In Quuens La Portena on 75th St. and 37th Ave.
    in Jackson Heights does a great Argentinian steak.
    Regards, JK

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    1. re: John Knoesel
      Amy Keyishian

      See my site this week ( for a
      feature article on Argentine beef -- sidebar has some
      restaurants here, too. And the article is good, too!


      1. re: John Knoesel

        Where can I buy Argentinian beef in Phila or nearby???

      2. Can I buy Argentinian beef in the UK?

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        1. re: Tim

          No, just Falkland Islands lamb.

          1. re: Tim
            margo verbeet

            Where can I buy argentinian beef in so.west Florida
            vicinity fort myers or napels area,please reply.