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Jan 11, 1998 03:26 PM


  • j

Who serves up the best Guinness pint in town? I've heard Paddy O'Reilly's (on 2nd? 3rd?) is a contender.

(Guinness, while not strictly a food item, is touted as a meal. But . . .should we have a separate message board category for beer? My vote, for what its worth, is pro-beer-message-category).

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  1. Woodside & Sunnyside have long been home to many Irish
    ex-patriots. Donovan's Pub on Roosevelt Ave @ 58th
    doles out an enormous amount of Guiness at just the
    right temperature with satisfying pub food and as
    discussed before in this forum probably one of the best
    cheeseburgers in Queens. The Orchard (41st), Sidetracks
    (45th) and McGuiness's (45th) streets on Queens Blvd.
    make for good stops while bar-hopping in the area.
    P.J.Horgans (43rd) also serves a good burger. It's
    definetly worth a short trip on the #7 local to savor
    the abundance of Guiness and other Irish ales available
    in this part of Queens.

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    1. re: J.Knoesel

      right on, J (can I CALL you "J"???). Donovan's is The Place for both Guinness and cheeseburgers. There is no finer (though I haven't yet been to An Beal Bocht, in Riverdale at 445 W 238th, which I hear is great).

      You may not know, though, that there's a branch of Donovan's--just as good!--near Bell Blvd in Bayside. And you MUST order the cheeseburgers with sauteed onions!


      1. re: Jim Leff

        You can call me J, You can call me Satay, but youze
        don't have to call me Johnson. I live in Whitestone now
        and my kids retaurant of choice is Donovan's of
        Bayside. Grew up in Sunnyside and spent my wonder years
        in Donovan's of Woodside. Need I say more?

    2. The Guinness at Molly's (3rd and 22) is very very good, and the correct temperature. Also great cheeseburgers and terrific shephard's pie (not an oxymoron!). Slightly better Guinness can be had at Swift Bar (if you can get's crowded!), 34 E. 4th. Also very good Guinness at Brownie's, Ave A and about 10 or 11 (but they have a cover charge and loud music most nights). But J. Knoesel nailed the very best: Donovan's (see his reply, and my reply to it)

      "My vote, for what its worth, is pro-beer-message-category"

      I hear you, Jordan. I actually write about beer almost as much as food. I've been mostly avoiding that subject here because it's such a vast subject (I also like wine...and port...and whisky, etc ad infinitum), and also there are so many good beer sites on the 'net.

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      1. re: Jim Leff

        woops, didn't finish my thought! The Guinness at Swift's is marginally better than Molly's, but it's too cold. Gotta wait at least 15 minutes for it to warm up to proper temperature, and until then it's pretty flavorless. Best strategy: start with a beer that SHOULD be cold, and always have a pint of Guinness on deck, waiting and warming.

      2. j
        Josh Mittleman

        My pursuit of Irish music has taken me, bodhran in
        hand, to more Irish bars than I care to count. I
        haven't found a pint anywhere that compares to
        An Beal Bocht in Riverdale at 445 W. 238th St. They
        have great music, too, and good, inexpensive Irish
        food. See the (for some reason no longer available
        in the regular pages) review at the NYC Beer Guide.

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          Josh Mittleman

          Huh. I entered a URL in the "Link URL" field below
          and it didn't show up in the posting. What do those
          fields do?

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            Josh, I think I know what may have happened...

            When you enter a "link URL", you must also enter a
            "link title", otherwise the program ignores the partial
            information. The text supplied as a link title shows
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            link to the URL. It's not obvious and I'll have to
            change this in the future (along with some other
            pending changes in the cgi "to do" file).

            If you were to enter an "image URL", the image would be
            dynamically loaded from the server (as indicated by the
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            Sorry about the confusion!