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Dec 8, 1997 08:06 PM

Best Jew Food - To Go!

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Okay, so it looks a bit skanky but trust me -- G&M on (41 Essex Street/254-5370) is the best place to get wonderful stuffed cabbage, noodle kugel, stuffed derma and carrot tzimmes. There's no place to sit in there so you'll have to trek it home. Just like Bubby made!

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  1. But, where do you go for blintzes? Ever since the Grand Street Dairy closed, I've been wandering in the desert.

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    1. re: glenn sundel

      well, there's that new place "Blintz" on like third ave and 12th...I haven't gone but have heard varying reports.

      Ratner's are still pretty good, I bet.

      I'm going nuts...have had SUPERB blintzes lately, but can't for the life of me remember where. It's all a big blur of takeout menus and Tums for the Tummy.

      Wait, I remember one place. Glatt Kosher Israeli snack place (great for breakfast), Asimov wrote about the Manhattan one (which is pretty darned good) but the Brooklyn branch on Coney Island Avenue (just north of king's highway) is funkier, and both have really good blintzes. Bissaleh Classic (1435 Second Avenue (212) 717-2333)

      1. re: Jim Leff
        Jeremy Osner

        I went to Ratner's for lunch today -- I'd been meaning
        to go ever since I read a column in NYPress or
        somewhere about what a great place it was. It didn't
        seem so good to me; the borscht was just average, and
        the blintzes were not nearly as good as you can get a
        few blocks north at Yonah Shimmel's. And _way_
        overpriced, at $9.00 for 3 blintzes with no
        accompaniment. I mean I was assuming for $9.00 I was
        going to get some kind of salad or something on the

        1. re: Jeremy Osner
          glenn sundel

          You're right about Ratners. It hasn't been good for a long time. I'm curious about the place Jim mentioned on Coney Island Ave. Has anyone ever eaten there? Maybe I'll get there one time when I'm visiting bubby.

      2. re: glenn sundel

        One idea if you are willing to go to Queens: "Just Like Mother's" on Queens Boulevard has excellent blintzes.

        And for a campy treat, try the Edison Hotel in the theater district for lunch.

        1. re: glenn sundel

          Little Poland, across from the Village East Theater on
          2nd Ave at 12th Street, has pretty darn good blintzes-
          and good pierogis and soups, too. I haven't been to
          Kiev in a long time, but they always were a good bet
          for that type of food too. And so is Christines-or is
          it Theresas, I never remember which-on Montague Street
          in Bklyn Hts.