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Sep 20, 1997 10:45 PM

Jersey bagels !!

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I think it is the water ! I have worked in Metro NYC
for almost 10 years. In that time I have eaten bagels
from just about everywhere. I have found time and time
again that the best bagel I have had is from a discreet
Bagel shop in Fairlawn, NJ - Saddle river Rd.
The first time I asked for some butter on my bagel
(this place was kosher) the owner said our bagels are
so good you do not need butter !

These bagels are trully a gift to a prince !

hungrily yours
bob loparo

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  1. c
    Christy Veeder

    Speaking of which, dating someone in Queens has brought
    to my attention another great Manhattan-satellite bagel
    joint. Turnpike Bagels (yes, that's really its name)
    at the corner of Union Turnpike and Chevy Chase St. in
    Jamaica Estates makes the best bagels I've ever had.
    Notably crusty, but not so much as to incur dentatonic
    distress -- they beat H&H and Ess-a-Bagel hands down.

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    1. re: Christy Veeder
      maria bennett

      not sure which bagel place in fair lawn on saddle river
      rd. is exactly the one, but on the main street in
      englewood cliffs across from starbucks is a bagel/bialy
      place that has huge, crispy, and chewy but not overly
      so bagels in the usual pumpernickel, sesame, etc.
      varieties. the bialy scene is o.k., too, but i go in
      for an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese. the
      help is from central america, and a few well-placed
      words of Spanish will get you the biggest serving
      (what's the opposite of schmear?)ever for $2.50.

      1. re: maria bennett

        the bagel place in fairlawn - coming from rt 4 going
        west - take saddle river rd exit - 1/2 mile on right -
        first light. next to greek food place, in mall with
        deli, mail boxes type place

        worth the trip - you will know the place by the steamy
        windows and the line