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Jun 19, 2006 08:37 PM

dairy style restaurants on Long Island

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Looking for a dairy restaurants simialr to the old Ratners. Tried Dairy Delite (i think thatis the name) in New Hyde Park and was very disappointed. Any suggestions I am taking some relatives out and they would love this. They would like good thick soups, blintzes, perogen, vegetable cutlets, etc. Thanks

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  1. I meant to reply earlier and have been thinking about your mention of Ratners ever since. Your post really brought back the childhood memories. I know the food had slipped several years before it closed but I still loved having those perogen and onion rolls a couple of times a year.

    I'm not sure if you ever located a place but I wanted to suggest the Five Towns area as a starting point to look. Also, have you been to Dairy King in NHP?

    I'm very curious to see if you find anything that comes close to Ratners.

    1. Can't help with any suggestions, just reminded of my own visits to Ratner's after Jimi Hendrix, Sly, Traffic and many others at the Fillmore East. That culture clash was/is some of what makes NYC such a wonderful city...

      1. I know you said that you want to eat out. If you change your mind and want to eat in- Top Notch on Long Beach Road in Oceanside has excellent dairy- fish, salads, etc- used to use them for Yom Kippur when i lived inthe area.

        1. Good dairy restaurant food is getting harder to find. I'm not even Jewish but it makes me sad. New York keeps changing, and not always in ways that agree with me.

          1. theres a place in new hyde park, in the shopping center, union tpke, btween lakeville road, and marcus ave

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              Dairy King Kosher Restaurant
              1564 Union Tpke
              New Hyde Park NY 11040