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Jun 19, 2006 08:41 AM

Does The Finger Lakes area have ANY good restaurants?

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I feel as if I have tried them all. And been disappointed by them all.

They all act like they are hot places but serve up grub that reminds me of 1978.

Is there anything decent in The Finger Lakes?

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  1. Try the Foo Kin Chinese restaurant in Cooperstown. You can't beat their Foo Kin food!

    1. We had dinner at the American Hotel in Sharon Springs a while back and loved it.

      1. Sharon Springs and Cooperstown are both a long ways from the Finger Lakes. Mirbeau Inn in Skaneateles is reputed to be good. Krebs has definitely gone downhill. Knapp Vinyards on Cayuga Lake has a nice restaurant, at least lunch was decent. Belhurst Castle and Geneva on the Lake, both South of Geneva were good the last time I was there, but that is many years ago. Springside Inn, South of Auburn, has a new chef. It might be worth a try. In Syracuse I like Lemon Grass (high end pacific rim type cuisine) and Dinosaur BBQ.

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          I also had a nice lunch at Knapp.

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            But the Krebs has reopened under new management. I haven't eaten there recently, but I'm hopeful.

            Yes to Dinosaur BBQ. There's also Bob's Barbecue in Homer who serves Cornell BBQ chicken among other things.

            Elderberry Pond ( is quite remarkable.

          2. We ate lunch at the "Bluewater Grill" in Skaneateles last fall. The restaurant is right over the water at the base of the lake. Part of the restaurant is in a greenhouse-like structure and you have a great view. It was like eating outdoors, without the fall chill.

            I had a fish sandwch and it was excellent. I have heard that Rosalie's, in the Finger Lake region is good, but I have not had the pleasure of eating there.

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              We were disappointed with Bluewater Grill. Nice spot, nothing special food. Rosalies, also in Skaneateles, can be O.K., and the portions are large (prices to match). Unfortunately, some of the dishes sound better than they actually taste. This is another one of those places that seems to use fine ingredients in uninspired ways. I have had some good meals there, and some not so hot.

              If you find yourself around Ithaca, you might try Thai Cuisine. I believe this is the same family as the owner of Lemon Grass in Syracuse. Lemon Grass is my favorite restaurant in the area, and I have heard good things about Thai Cuisine.

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                I'd also say in Ithaca you could check out Lost Dog Cafe and try the Penne Vodka. OMG it's the best I've ever had (or at least the one in Binghamton was...)

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                  Rosalies is possibly the best in the Finger Lakes region, if you don't enjoy it you must not be able to afford it.

              2. What sort of food do you like and what are some examples of the disappointments you have experienced? It isn't a great area for food but it has gotten better. Have you tried Dano's new place or the Stone Cat Cafe on the west side of Seneca Lake? Both are quite good, IMO. There is also supposed to be a newish place along that stretch which is supposed to be quite good.

                Otherwise Ithaca has several good choices. Do a search. A recent meal at Pangea was very tasty....