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northern westchester

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moving to somers , NY and would like recommendations for nearby good restaurants (not inexpensive)

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    Chocolate chick

    Just off rte. 6 in Mahopac (one town away from you) there is a small place called Arianna's. It is the real deal italian restaurant. The best part about it is the owner. He will make you anything you want off the menu and his ingredients are fresh. He talks to everyone like family and tells you "relax, don't worry". There are no reservations, so if you get there late, you'll wait. Seating outside in the summer.

    Also, for a chic, nyc like place, try 121 Restaurant in North Salem (I think). The food is consistently good and interesting. The atmosphere is great and the people are pretty. Also, no reservations for less than 6 people.

    Both are very different restaurants. Both are very good choices.

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      Chocolate chick

      Sorry, made a mistake. The restaurant is called Ariano's. It is located at 18 Clark Place Mahopac. The # is (845)621-0137.

    2. The Blazer Pub
      Route 22
      Purdys, NY 10578
      (914) 277-4424

      Excellent waitstaff. Nice round bar for drinks as you wait to be seated. Great burgers, and *HUGE* steak fries. Kid friendly restaurant too.

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        This is an inexpensive place, but boy howdy, it's the best.

      2. I like Purdy's, Stoneleigh Creek, Bloom's Deli, and Jaipore. They are all within ten minutes of Somers.

        1. Maybe each of those within 10 minutes of the Somers border, but no way are Jaipore and Bloom's within 10 minutes of each other! I guess depending on where the OP is, one of them MIGHT be within 10 minutes of them.

          1. We're going to have to try that Ariano's place.. I had someone else (whose opinion on food I do not necessarily trust) also recommend it. We like Dante's in the A&P shopping center. Not great, but reliable. Gino's (I think that is the name) on Route 6 just before Ariano's is also supposed to be good.

            1. I just posted in another thread about Miraggio in Yorktown (Triangle Shopping Center). I really like the food there. Family style Italian at very reasonable prices.

              Also have heard great things about the burgers at Blazer's in Purdys but haven't been there.

              1. I like Miraggio's also, although we have not been there in a while. They just have this incredible knack for doing things that piss you off (and it's not just me -- others have told me this as well). If you do go there, beware of the specials, which are recited without prices and are usually much more expensive than normal menu items.

                1. Welcome to Somers! Here are a few more suggestions that are a little closer to home. Sorry, this will be a little long...

                  Purdys Homestead, Rt. 116, No. Salem -- Outstanding special occassion place. Beautiful atmosphere, excellent food, great service. Great value for the price, too.

                  In Somers, here's a rundown of the local eats:
                  Granite Springs Inn, Rt. 118 -- heard good things about this place, but haven't eaten there myself yet.

                  Traditions, Rt. 118 next to GSI -- have eaten there a few times and it was ok. Place seems to change owners rather frequently.

                  Seasons, Rt. 100 -- eaten there several times and found the quality to be inconsistent. Some meals were good and others were a disaster (uneven service, poor presentation and food quality for the price, etc.). However, this place is popular with the Westchester sheep.

                  Peppinos Pizza, Somers Commons Shop. Cntr, Rt. 6 -- Bronx-style pizza. Good balance of crust to cheese/toppings. We've tried Dante's and found it to be heavy on the cheese and a little greasy for our taste.

                  Il Forno, Rt. 202 -- Good Italian; take-out or eat in the restaurant. If you want to stay, be prepared to wait b/c this place is very popular.

                  Stomping Grounds Cafe, Heritage Hills Shop. Cnter, Rt. 202 -- Cute little breakfast/lunch spot with good coffee and gelato and friendly service. Popular spot for retired residents at Heritage Hills to hang out!

                  Imperial Wok, Heritage Hills S.C., Rt. 202 -- Good Chinese, sushi has been a little "off" lately. If you have a craving for sushi, head to Hanada in Yorktown or Mt. Fuji in Kisco.

                  Further afield, I second the recommendations for Stoneleigh Creek in Carmel (tight quarters), Jaipore in Brewster for Indian, the Blazer for burgers and chili and Bloom's for kosher (it's not Katz' tho).

                  Happy eating!

                  1. Blooms may not be like Katz', but the latter is not kosher and Blooms is.

                    1. We had lunch at Ariano's today and it was pretty good. Will have to go back for dinner.

                      As for Dante's pizza, I have found that if you ask them to make it with a thinner crust when you order it, it's much better, My daughter actually prefers Gigi's in Jefferson Valley (next to DeCicco's) but they are more money and do not take credit cards so I don't like going there. Dante's' pizzas are $8.95 for a large if you mention an ad (they advertise in the Yorktown Quartery). I think my wife/daughter like Pepinos also, I have not tried it.