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Jun 14, 2006 02:23 PM

thai in or near madison, nj

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hey there! i am pregnant and feel an uncontrolable need to satisfy a craving for good thai food. we are new to the area and need to locate a good thai place in or near madison. PRONTO! :)

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  1. I agree with another chowhound. You should definitely try Origin in Morristown. It is my favourite outside of Thailand.

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      in Morristown, there are also Sirin, on Elm St. and Andaman Sea Recipes, on Morris St. across from the railroad station. The latter has some fusion dishes (I believe the chef cooked in hotel kitchens) but its mostly thai food. Unfortunately, havent been able to try much because the full menu is not offered at noon, when I am in Morristown. Hope you give some of these a try and report back.

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        Although it's not near Madison, there's an Origin II in downtown Somerville that's very good. My parents live in Morristown and prefer Origin over the others.

      2. I like Khun Thai in Short Hills. Another place I think that's in Chatham that isn't thai but is a unique Malaysian spot is Taste of Asia and it's really good.