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Jun 14, 2006 11:26 AM

Has anyone tried Letizias pizza in norwalk, Ct?

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According to this months Gourmet magazines it is as good as New Haven pizza!! Please let me know if this is true.


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  1. Very different, and in my opinion, better. Thin, good sauce, hot. N.H. pizza seems burned and too crusty.

    1. I eat Letizia's pizza every Friday. It is very different from... and better than... New Haven pizza. New Haven pizza has a very thin, but very dry, crust. Letizia's crust is charred to perfection, but retains enough moisture on the interior to prevent it from drying out. Letizia's sauce is also better than any I've had in Sally, Pepe's, or Modern. Very flavorful yet it does not overpower the cheese. And Danny and the others behind the counter are great guys. It's the best place in Norwalk, and right up there with Colony as the best in Connecticut.

      The only knock against Letizia's is that it's damn near impossible to make a left onto Rte. 7 when exiting!!!

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        I totally agree about the turn there, it is nasty. If it is your first time bring the address, you will likely miss it.

        I also agree---this is not New Haven pizza. It really doesn't even copy it. It is thin crust and the sauce and cheese go almost to the total edge of the pie, there is no thick rim... Cheese and sauce are good and the sausage is very good... To top it off the counter guys are super nice.

        One downside (unless you count getting on and off Route 7) is the lack of space for inside dining. There are a few tables but it is not the kind of place you can really bring a group to.

      2. I'd have to say I was a bit disappointed with my visit a couple of weeks ago. Had heard so many good things about the place. Ordered to pies -- the clams casino and a vegetarian pie. Maybe I ordered wrong, but the pies were both a bit soggy and too chewy. I will say the young fellow who runs the place is terrific. We will try again, and hope for a better result.

        1. its right down the street from me and i've never understood the hype. Its average at best. Colony Grill is much much better, and now that Pepes is a 15 minute drive theres no reason to go to New Haven any more

          1. After reading the many positive comments on Letizia's on this site, I had it filed away as one of the places I needed to try. So when I found myself driving down Route 7 this afternoon, I turned in. It was just for my lunch, and I didn't want anything too heavy, so I just ordered an individual cheese pizza. Now I have to say I just don't get all the praise. This was garden variety pizza, the same stuff I'd get at any of a dozen places within a few miles of my home in Stamford. It wasn't bad, just very ordinary. The crust wasn't charred at all, and it tasted pretty bland (hard to imagine some charring would have made much difference). There was a little too much sauce (though that is probably just a personal quirk), and the flavor of the sauce was totally average, as was the cheese. The sauce and cheese did extend almost to the edge of the crust, but not sure why that's a plus. So, I guess I just don't get it.

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              Try ordering light cheese, well done. It's what I settled on, and enjoy it 3-4 times a month. Better than anything around, until you reach Fairfield (pepe's).