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Jun 13, 2006 09:20 AM

Bakery/Challah - White Plains to Tarrytown?

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Does anyone know a good bakery (in general) and a good bakery where I can get challah in the area around White Plains or Tarrytown or anywhere in between?

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    Josh Mittleman

    You could try Kisco Kosher Deli (the old Mount Kisco Kosher Deli), now at 230 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY
    (914) 948-6600.

    1. My two favorite bakeries are the Harrison Bake Shop in Harrison and Cerbone's in Rye Ridge...they both have challah.

      The White Plains Bake Shop is my third choice, they carry challah as well. But don't get the manager angry.

      1. I like the challahs (and other breads, as well) at Turcos. I have friends that swear by a brand of challah carried by Super Sol in the Golden Horseshoe Shopping Ctr (on New Rochelle/Scarsdale line). Also a good bakery not far from there: Scarsdale Pastry Ctr on Weaver St. Whole Foods carries some good breads, but I don't think I've tried their challah.

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          1. The White Plains bakery on Mamaroneck Avenue is pretty good. They have challah and other Jewish-type bakery items (ie hamentaschen, babka, etc) as well as Italian pastries and standard bakery goods.

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              You can always order it from Challah Connection in Wesport, Ct. They have online ordering and regular delivery. You can find them in the bake good section of