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Jun 8, 2006 03:43 PM

new Cajun or Creole restaurant in Greenport/Southold??

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Friends have mentioned a new place and I am wondering if anyone has details and/or reviews. May try it this weekend if reports are positive. Any other east end of North Fork food news also will be very much appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Owned by same owners as Farmers Bar, don't know if it's open yet.

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      I just remembered that it was mentioned in Newsday last week, says they opened Memorial Day.

      Big Mamas Creole Kitchen
      Main St Southold

      Maybe I'll check it out this weekend!

      1. re: coll

        Thanks, Coll. I may be there tomorrow night with one or two friends. Did you know that there is a food-related message board on the Greenport web site that discusses restaurants?

        1. re: erica

          No, so let us know what the web address is. Although we usually avoid Greenport Main St with all the traffic. We usually fly down Sound Ave to Orient! But maybe it's time to branch out.

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            Check this out:

            I agree about Greenport...hard to find parking even during the week in summer. If you do go, I am hearing some good things about the new wine bar across from the IGA. erica

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              Thanks, I'm definitely checking out the Creole place tomorrow or Monday. So who knows, maybe we'll keep driving east!! We always loved Orient by the Sea, but the chef is gone........

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          I heard Big Mama'a is closed. New restaurant opening there. It is supposed to be Northern Italian. Everything fresh, especially the fish and seafood. Varied menu. Should be different. Looking forward to it

      2. Went there a few weeks ago and it was subpar. The food tasted frozen not freshly made, the service was horrible, nice but painfully slow, it appeared like they had no idea how to run a restaurant. IMHO, this place will never make it. Curious to know what other peoples thoughts are.

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          Went this summer,was not impressed at all. Atmosphere was mausoleum-like, food not special, service was atrocious. Guess it hasn't improved since then.

        2. Despite what I read here, we decided to give this place a chance as we love the Farmer Bar. We arrived about 6 PM last night(Saturday)and were seated right away. While awaiting our appetizers(oysters rockafeller, voodoo shrimp, house salad) we were served a very good cornbread which went well with a pepper jelly. I told my husband, maybve the reviews I read online were wrong. If only.

          It was almost an hour before we received our appetizers. Hubby liked the oysters(I thought they were horrible), my shrimp was ok but not for $9 and my daughter's salad comes with only one dressinging- a vinergarette with the consistancy of mayo. Tasted ok but looked really weird and having only one salad dressing choice seemed odd.

          We had planned to go to a concert at 7:30 in town but the slow services made this impossible. We haddent received our entrees by 7:45 PM.

          I'm getting a little steamed at this point. I notice the owner go outside with 2 chefs from the kitchen for a lengthy smoke. I wonder whose cooking my dinner.

          Finally my 14 oz steak arrives. There is no way this thing was a 14 ounce steak. 8oz on a good day, if that. I ordered it medium rare. It's raw. My daughter's mac and cheese tasted okay but the pasta was way overcooked and mushy and she wouldn't eat it. Hubby says his shrimp is fine but it looks like way more rice than any seafood but if he's happy, that's okay with me.

          The waitress asks how things are and I tell her. She brings the steak back. The cooks are still outside smoking so I'm not hopeful. My orginal steak is charred. I flag down the waitress again and insist on a new steak. She says it will take another 10 minutes. I said we've been here almost 2 hours, what's 10 minutes?
          Was she trying to discourage me?

          Anyway, the chef's are done smoking so I'm hopeful my steak will be cooked properly. I am served a new steak, also not the 14 oz promised. In fact, it was slightly smaller than the first one. It is again overcooked. I mean, how hard is it to do medium rare? I grab the waitrss and tell her it's wrong again but at this point I'm starving and will not wait some more for them to get it right.

          On to desert. I order apple tart($7) and hubby and daughter get vanilla ice cream($5). My tart slice is less than an inch wide and guess what? The yahoos in the kitchen nuked it to warm it so it was all mushy.

          The bill ran us over $120 and that was with them taking off the $25 for the no way in hell was it 14 once steak that they couldn't cook. Total dinning time was 2 1/2 hours.

          We won't be back.