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Huntington/Northport Area

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Hi foodies..........would love to have recommendations for restaurants in the Huntington/Northport area. Thank you!

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  1. Park your car near the corner of Rt 25a & Main St in Huntington. Whether you go east or west, north or south, you will find excellent food in this bustling downtown. Chinese, Greek, Indian, Afghan, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Seafood, Steakhouses, Thai, Italian, diners, coffee shops, & numerous pubs, all within two blocks. Take your pick!

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    1. re: It's Me

      I definitely wouldn't say every place in the area is "excellent"

      There are a handful of very good options. Most are just mediocre, hence the quick restaurant turnover in recent years.

      For amazing burgers hit Canterbury Ales on NY Ave. They also have pretty good sandwiches and fish & chips. Desserts are usually pretty dismal though.

      For Japanese it's Kura Barn, also on NY Ave, though not in the heart of the village.

      Mediterranean Snack Bar has the best Greek though there are a couple of others. They don't really compare though. The owner at MS usually gives little cups of wine to those waiting outside for a table. And his seafood always seems very fresh.

      For good old fashioned diner style food try Mundays on Main St. They make a mean patty melt.

      And it will sound nuts but I've always like the Chinese takeout place in the Big H shopping center. Total dive but it's been consistent over the years.

      For frozen custard try Wolfies (there's also a location in Northport village) and for Italian Ices go to Incredible Ices. they get them from the Lemon Ice King of Corona (also a location in NP village.

      In Northport you MUST hit Copenhagen Bakery! The owner is from Denmark and makes some of the best desserts and brioche around.

      1. re: CornflakeGirl

        I agree with all your recs (Kura Barn is the best Japanese on all of L.I. I think) except Canterbury's. The fish n chips the last few times we've been there was terrible, basically raw fish on the inside, with only the outside shell being fully cooked. We had to send it back. And the staff were not the least bit apologetic or gracious about it. It's a far cry from the Canterbury Ale's I grew up with.

        1. re: Jennifer

          Strange. We've been going there for years and have never had a problem. I almost always get a burger though.

          The only thing I can recall being disappointed about was a dessert I tried a few years back.

          No bad experiences regarding service either. Once my sister asked to have the remainder of her burger wrapped up to go. The server wrapped it but threw out the fries. My sister brought it to their attention and they made her an entire new meal to go.

          BTW, the owner, Billy, is married to the owner of Kura Barn.

        2. re: CornflakeGirl

          This one is right on target with his picks He missed the best spot around--Maronis in Northport. Very small only a few tables, but Mike Maroni is a true 3 star New York chef. This place would be packed in NYC. Only drawback CASH ONLY.

          1. re: CornflakeGirl

            Don't forget Caffe' Portofino for the best homestyle desserts and amazing espresso drinks...only espresso bar on main st.

            1. re: lisa w

              I adore that place... even a small cup of coffee can get one hooked... be sure to try a caramel Macchiato (one of my favorite espresso drinks).

        3. In Northport Main Street Cafe for burgers and whatever else is on the menu.

          Shipwreck Diner for breakfast.

          Maroni for Italian.

          In Huntington Besito for upscale Mexican

          Cafe Cocoyacan (sp?) in Huntington Station for down to earth Mexican.

          1. Also, Blue Room in East Northport, Ruvo in Greenlawn.

            1. Fonda Coyoacan in Huntington Station (about 1.5 miles south of the village) for great Mexican. It's across from the northern end of the RR parking lot along 110 (i.e., on the eastern side of road).
              1026 New York Ave.

              Oaxaca in Huntington village for different but also excellent Mexican.

              Cooke's In just about 1/2 mile north of Fonda Coyoacan and on the western side for excellent southern and Caribbean food.
              767 New York Ave., Huntington

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              1. re: Scott

                Fonda Coyoacan closed over a year ago and was replaced with El Picacho.


              2. A great little cafe in Northport, Caffe' Portofino, directly across from the John Engemann Theater, serves amazing panini sandwiches, wraps, quiche and salads! They just came out with a crunchy asian chicken salad that is so full of fresh flavor, i can't get enough of it! They are open til 11 thurs thru sat so you can always grab a bite late.

                1. I'd add Honu Kitchen to the list in Huntington.

                  1. Bistro Cassis is a really nice French place. Their website is -www.bistrocassis.com

                    I really like the Shipwreck in Northport for breakfast. They make excellent whole wheat pancakes/waffles with fresh fruit and real maple syrup. My only frustration there is how hectic it can be, but the food makes up for it.

                    House of India makes some great Indian food. Their website is www.houseofindiarestaurant.com

                    Ariana makes really good Afghani food, and if I remember correctly, I think they have a buffet too.

                    European Republic Restaurant is a nice place to just grab some fries and a nice wrap or sandwich. They are known for their selection of dipping sauces. They usually have about 15-20 a day. My favorite has always been the Jamaican curry.

                    Maroni's in Northport has excellent Italian food. www.maronicuisine.com. And right up the street from Maroni's is a cute little Ice Cream shop that makes great ice creams. I forget the name, but you can't really miss it.

                    1. Fiorello Dolce is a bakery in the plaza just north of the movie theater in Huntington Village. Same baker that used to work at Trios. Amazing pastries, breads, cakes. Just perfect.

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                        I second Fiorello Dolce; fabulous desserts.

                      2. Bistro Cassis would've topped my list a couple of years ago, but after two miserable visits and confirmation of decline by the servers, I wouldn't set foot in it.

                        I'd add Sri Thai to the list, second Besito, Canterbury Ales and Munday's. I don't like Kura Barn at all. I was turned off by the thick slabs of sashimi and artless presentation, as were my friends. I much prefer Show Win in Northport for sushi and sashimi.

                        Sal D's on Wall St. is very good neighborhood Italian, more upscale than a red sauce place. Osteria Nina on Main St. is good Tuscan style, too.

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                        1. re: mcf

                          I agree--Bistro Cassis is now awful. Although, the Roslyn location (Citron) is still pretty good, IMHO.

                          I like Kura Barn for a few very specific things--best Mexican and Indian rolls anywhere. Love their tempura too. I stick to a few basics and am never unhappy, although it's pricey.

                          On the burger front--gotta say I think Finnegan's burger beats Canterbury's any day. Not to mention, much of their other food is good too. Better onion soup than Canterbury's and great pot roast as well. Most people only know it as a hang-out bar, but the food is pretty good and the atmosphere is much better than Canterbury's, whose bar is terrible.