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Jun 2, 2006 01:15 PM

Greek on Merrick Road in Bellmore

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What is the name of the place? Is it any good? It is near the Post Office and next door to a Thai place.

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  1. s

    Mediterranean Kitchen, I think. I went once last summer and it was pretty good. I remember it being more Turkish then Greek, if that makes a difference.

    1. It used to be a Greek place a few years back, then changed hands and is now in fact, Turkish.
      They have really good cold appetizer salads-the combination plate is the standout.
      They grill a variety of whole fish here-with good results. Had a perfectly grilled Dorado recently-crispy exterior, juicy & sweet within-a real treat.

      BTW...Onzon, the Thai place next door has quite a few things worth trying.
      Soups-Duck or spicy seafood, both loaded w/flavor, yet light and refreshing.
      Appetizers: Muk Tod (Thai calamari) is excellent or try the "Golden Bag"!
      Entree-Have only tried Pad noodles or Fried rice so far-rice dishes being the clear winner. Very fresh, addictive exciting flavor.

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        Many years back it was a coffee shop owned by Greeks with a $5.95 grilled cheese sandwich on the menu (a la carte). For that reason alone I can imagine how and why they closed it less than a year into it and then sold it to the present owners who are Turkish. They have named and renamed the place many times over the years. Sometimes keeping the name and changing the sign outside or advertising it as a Mediterranean place, then a Turkish cuisine joint, then a Greek food shop, then a Turkish BAKERY, with emphasis on the pide, even though the majority of the menu isn't pide. Anywho, haven't been in a long while. Turnover seems a problem. The specials had for a while been labeled as "chef's choices" and that meant "kitchen surprise" because they would not tell you what the special was, it was the chef's choice. (We ALL know what that means).

      2. Drove by over the weekend and saw a sign in the window that said SAGE French Food coming soon. I guess enough name changes put the Turkish place out of business.