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lobster in CT on the water!

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any suggestions where to get a casual lobster dinner with waterviews anywhere in CT/westchester?

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  1. try the chart house its in dobbs ferry on the water next to the metro-north station.

    1. Striped Bass in Tarrytown. Casual, and a nice setting right on the Hudson River overlooking the Tappan Zee Bridge.

      Link: http://www.stripedbassny.com/dinner.htm

      1. d
        Dim Sum Diva

        Seaside Johnnie's in Rye
        Ebb Tide in Port Chester (not a great view)
        Seafood City in City Island
        If you time it right, Down the Hatch in Brookfield on Candlewood Lake.

        And if you want lobster with no view, but a good bargain to boot, Stew Leonard's

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        1. re: Dim Sum Diva

          There's also a boiled lobster dinner with outdoor seating, no view, somewhere in CT...I can not think of the town. I remember it being fun and a bargain...sorry for the memory lapse on where it is (it's a bit far from Westchester, if I'm not mistaken).

          1. re: dolores

            Your thinking of The Place in Guildford. Outdoor dinning, Grilled Lobsters. No view but a pretty cool place.
            Abbots Lobster in the Rough in Mystic is also worth one trip a year. Dockside dinning, seagulls and all at its best.

            1. re: chefstu

              I have to second both of chefstu's recommendations. The Place is also BYO[everything -- sides, liquor, dessert, etc.] Lots of people actually bring picnic baskets complete with tablecloths and a full meal -- sans lobsters and grilled corn -- and eat on their tree stumps. It's a really fun place but again, no view.

              Abbotts, in Noank, CT is also terrific, right on the water with boats docking all the time. They have a Web site at http://www.abbotts-lobster.com/ Make it a day trip and walk through Mystic too. Totally worth it.

              1. re: theatmosphere

                i agree-i have been going to abbott's for many years- well over 20- and have never been disappointed. its a long ride for a day trip but nice to make it part of a weekend. theres quite a bit going on in the area- the indian casinos,mystic seaport,nice nearby beaches and outlet shopping among other things.

          2. re: Dim Sum Diva

            Dim Sum, Isn't Seaside Johnnie's reputed to have horrible food? I'd heard nice setting but not to eat there - maybe get some drinks.

            1. re: laylag

              I haven't been in a couple of years, but I remember two things: they had an actual sushi chef working the sushi counter, and my bowl of terrific steamers. The food was good, not great.

              Should be an expensive year for lobsters, with the shortage and all.

          3. Seaside Johnnies has a fantastic waterfront view.
            Also try The Crab Shell in Stamford

            1. The Restaurant @ Rowayton Seafood in Rowayton CT.
              On the 5 Mile River, not ocean. Great food, views, and service. Totally cute town.
              As for Seaside Johnnie's... enjoy the drinks and the view, don't eat the food.

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              1. re: momof3

                You could also try Sono Seaport in So. Norwalk on Water St.

                1. re: momof3

                  Another vote for Rowayton Seafood -- great food, views and service.

                  1. re: lisette

                    good call momof3, lisette re: rowayton seafood.

                  2. re: momof3

                    To the two from Momof3 jfood would add Harbor Lights in Norwalk. Directly across the river from SONO Seafood. It looks like they enclosed the open patio and was not sure if they were removing for the summer. jfood had lunch at sono seafood two weeks ago and looking across t he inlet the terrace at Harbor lights were still up.

                  3. Old post, but I like this place: http://www.skippersdock.com/
                    Cute town to walk around in too...

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                    1. re: Ora

                      Isn't there a place in Branford that's very boiled lobster/clam strips/picnic tables? ITt's on a river next to a bridge. I remember people feedign seagulls and then getting icecream at the joint next door.

                      Can't remember the name but I do remember the food wasn't too bad.

                      1. re: OrganicLife

                        Lennys in Branford is probably what you're thinking of....love it, but my fave casual one is Sono Seaport

                        1. re: OrganicLife

                          Not Lenny's,but the now sold Vincent's on Rt.1. Its now a frozen custard place(very good) and D'Amato's Seafood(good reports).

                          1. re: chefstu

                            Chefstu - What's the name of the frozen custard place you are referring to. I love frozen custard; haven't been able to find it in CT.

                            1. re: cheereeo

                              The name is Rita's. Its on East Main St.(Rt.1) in Branford.

                              1. re: cheereeo

                                i'm assuming this is rita's water ice; i believe they started in philly area, but they've now expanded a lot (and fast) so that they're a chain. i love the ice/custard combination, real good and flavorful. the quality hasn't changed as the number of stores has increased.

                                1. re: bob gaj

                                  Cool. I found one in West Haven. www.ritasice.com
                                  Thanks guys!

                                  1. re: cheereeo

                                    Chefstu: I had to tell you that I just came back from getting a frozen custard from Rita's in West Haven, located right next to the Oyster River Tavern and across from the water and West Haven geese. It was just like I remember from Kohr's Bros on the BOardwalk in Wildwood. So exciting to find this in CT. My mom had there gelati that is a layer of custard, a layer of ice, and a layer of custard. Delish. Thanks for the separate tip. It's a quick drive from the famouse WEst Haven Boardwalks, so you could feasibly drive up the road and take a nice walk with your treat!

                        2. SoNo Seafood in South Norwalk - on the water. Very Very casual, picnic tables, lobster, corn etc in the plastic basket - good basic food .