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May 19, 2006 07:33 AM

Places to eat near/around New Paltz?

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We will be heading up to the New Paltz area. We ate at a restaurant once before that we loved...I think it was called The Brick, but I'm not sure. Does that name ring a bell to anyone? It was great & we'd like to go back there...also, any other recommendations for this area?...any price, any type of food. TIA!

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  1. the brick does not ring a bell. a personal favorite is the locust tree. eclectic menu, thoughtful service.

    any price? try john novi's NYT 4 star place, the depuy canal house, just a 10 minute drive away in high falls.

    1. Beso on main street is my personal favorite. Casual environment and great food. They just received a great review from the poughkeepsie journa.

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        Alas, we were unable to try Beso's because they were closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

      2. The Brick House in Marlboro, just south of New Paltz, right off Rte. 9w. Very good. I only ate there once and it was for this past New Year's. I figure if it was good then, then it must be good the rest of the time. Beso is also very good. The Brick house is a little less expensive.

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          Yes, yes!...The Brick House. Thank you. I liked The Brick House better than Beso, more inventive there late & ordered a number of appetizers. Each one was better than the next. We also ate at Beso the last time we were there. While the food was good, we weren't as impressed as The Brick House.

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            Would anyone have the phone number for THe Brick House? I tried google, but can't find it. TIA!

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              i can't look now, but brickhouse king marlboro google will get you the site.

              i checked it out...

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                  Thank you both! Called & made a reservation :-)

              1. Thanks everyone for your input and suggestons!