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May 18, 2006 04:43 AM

brewster, ny area

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trying to find a common meeting ground for three families in the Brewster area. One family is coming up from 684, one from Fishkill and one from CT so we are looking to make this easy for everyone. We met at Rosy Tomorrow in Danbury a few months back and weren't impressed. The kids are all well behaved in restaurants so something a little upscale would be fine. Although the location of Applebee's is perfect, nothing else about it is!! Any suggestions???


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    You probably aren't interested in this but burger, fries, a shake and a round of mini golf at The Red Rooster on Rt. 22 is fun for an afternoon... Dining is outside at a picnic table so this is good for warm weather, nice days.

    On the same street as Rosy Tomorrow's (Mill Plain Road) but closer to Exit 1 on Rt. 84 is Panda East which has nice chinese food and atmosphere.

    If you want upscale italian, also on Mill Plain but headed more towards Danbury is Porcini's (near the intersection of Kenosia Avenue).

    1. Widow Brown's just a bit down the street from applebees serves very good food....wide ranging menu too.