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May 14, 2006 08:14 PM

Disappointing Ayhan's Shish Kebab in Plainview

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I regret recommending this place for its Mother's Day buffet. We had an eleven o'clock reservation for our group. The line circling the buffet was 30 deep and slow moving. When asked by the host why I was cancelling the reservation, I replied that the wait for food reminded of my mess hall experiences in the army. We decided to brunch at home.

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  1. judging any restaurant by mother's day is like the only football game to watch all year is the super bowl.

    1. try it another time when there's no buffet or holiday. foods excellent

      1. Ha, as I was reading this thread I was just finished a delicious sheperd's salad and an incredible falafel from there, stopped on my way home from the city. It's my wife and my new favorite place. Everything we've had there on five separate visits has been top-notch, and the prices are quite reasonable.

        I wouldn't judge it on the buffet alone.

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          Great variety of Mediterranean food. Casual environment. Grilled meats are always delicious and top quality, sides are delicious. Service is attentive. I would recommend them.