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May 9, 2006 01:33 PM

Where to eat in Bridgeport, CT?

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Have been hearing of good ethnic cusinine in Bridgeport. Can anyone recommend spanish, mexican etc? Also are there any trendy spots with new american? Thanks

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  1. Try posting on the New England Board as well. Plenty of replies to be had there (too).

    1. Plenty of good eats to be had in Bridgeport. Have you seen the "Best Of" edition of the Fairfield Weekly?

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      1. I'd file this place under new american: you can find some of the best brunch east of California at Home on the Range on Fairfield Ave. The specials on the weekend are always interesting.

        Some of my fav from when I was back east include:
        1.) fig and chevre omlette w/ homefries & toast
        2.) roasted root veg omlette with asiago cheese
        3.) july 4th pancakes- blueberries, raspberries, strawberries with some berry puree/compote and vanilla yogurt. this one was really cool to look at- they took the yogurt and puree and it looked like a swirl-a-whirl painting that you used to be able to do at fairs with the squeeze paint

        The "mom and pop" that own this place aren't BnT trendy in the Manhattan sort of way, but it is a cute kind of diamond in the rough in B-port. Definitely worth a visit!

        1. I was told by a Yalie (by way of rural Alabama) and certified Asiaphile that there were some excellent Vietnamese restaurants in Bridgeport. He has gone to Hong Kong and I never got any specifics. Is it true - and if yes, where!?

          1. ralph & richs on Main Street old school Italian