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Tapas in Westchester

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In search of recommendations for tapas in (ideally central) Westchester for this weekend.

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  1. Not in Westchester, but Barcelona in Greenwich (and SONO) is very good.

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      Solera on Hudson in Irvington

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        Yes, Solera. Better selection of tapas than Mesón Los Españoles.

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          Rob from Dobbs

          Solera is disappointing. The one in the city is better. No idea why.

    2. Try Meson Les Espanoles in White Plains. I believe it is on East Post Road. It is a little pricey but very good. Also does not get too crowded.

      1. Sonora in Irvington is very nice.

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          OOPS I meant Solera!!!

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            While the restaurant is pretty, I thought the food was uninspired and very expensive (but that's pretty much the same for most of westchester).

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            Paul Catalano

            I know Oporto Restaurant in Hartsdale is about to come out with a late night Portuguese inspired Tapas menu but I do not know if it has begun yet. I will be there on Sunday and will post if it has started.

            1. Solera in Tarrytown/Irvington is closed. The only one open is in NYC.

              1. Yes, unfortunately, but chef is now at Patrias in Portchester, with a mixed Spanish/Peruvian menu, with a bunch of tapas included. Not as big a selection (I think) as at Solera, but still good.

                1. The tapas at oporto has begun and they are tasty. They also serve sangria that I highly Recommend.. Besides Oporto...I can't think of anyone else in the area that is serving tapas.

                  1. Nice....are the tapas available at all times?

                    1. Solera was one of my favorite restaurants and I was crushed when it closed. I ate at Patrias and thought it was not good and overpriced. (I am not a big fan of Peruvian food though.) I ordered the patatas bravas and they didn't have the fantastic red sauce that they did at Solera...so sad. (I have friends from Barcelona visitng now who promise me a good bravas salsa recipe!)

                      I agree that Barcelona in Greenwich is awesome.

                      I will have to try Oporto....

                      1. An excellent tapas restaurant opened up recently in Croton. Their tapas are not traditional size, and they combine other flavors with the authentic Spanish for a different style. Very nice, and fairly priced.

                        1. There was an excellent review of a new tapas place in White Plains, Peniche. Also, Espana in Larchmont has gotten good feedback, although we haven't tried it yet.

                          1. 2 years later...should you still be interested in Tapas in Westchester I'd have to strongly advise against Forty Four Tapas Lounge in Croton.

                            Considering their menu selections, execution and price, you'd do better just ordering appetizers from a local diner.

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                              La Paella in Norwalk, CT. Excellent tapas and friendly service.

                            2. My favorite is Espana in larchmont. Great selection of wines, good tapas and main dishes, nice atmosphere and helpful staff. It is small, so you may want to make a reservation -especially on weekends. Best for 2-4 people. I always leave feeling happy and content. Enjoy!

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                                Where is Forty Four Tapas in Croton, I would like to try it (I know Croton pretty well but hadn't heard of it). I was at Peniche once in White Plains, and I liked it, that was my first Tapas experience -- I loved the decor inside as well.

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                                  Same shopping plaza as post office/CVS/Blockbuster/Dunkin Donuts. It's the space that Japanese restaurant was in, then the Mexican place. Haven't tried the tapas incarnation yet...

                                  1. re: Nancy C

                                    actually tried the tapas place the other night. It was decent, not spectacular but I would return. Only thing was the service was a little strange and off but we are pretty relaxed people so we just went with the flow. I would not call them rude just confused.