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Apr 27, 2006 03:00 PM

Tapas in Westchester

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In search of recommendations for tapas in (ideally central) Westchester for this weekend.

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  1. Not in Westchester, but Barcelona in Greenwich (and SONO) is very good.

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    1. re: Lisette

      Solera on Hudson in Irvington

      1. re: RobertDeutsch

        Yes, Solera. Better selection of tapas than Mesón Los Españoles.

        1. re: debbie
          Rob from Dobbs

          Solera is disappointing. The one in the city is better. No idea why.

    2. Try Meson Les Espanoles in White Plains. I believe it is on East Post Road. It is a little pricey but very good. Also does not get too crowded.

      1. Sonora in Irvington is very nice.

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        1. re: deb

          OOPS I meant Solera!!!

          1. re: deb

            While the restaurant is pretty, I thought the food was uninspired and very expensive (but that's pretty much the same for most of westchester).

          2. p
            Paul Catalano

            I know Oporto Restaurant in Hartsdale is about to come out with a late night Portuguese inspired Tapas menu but I do not know if it has begun yet. I will be there on Sunday and will post if it has started.

            1. Solera in Tarrytown/Irvington is closed. The only one open is in NYC.