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Apr 24, 2006 12:28 PM

Fiesta Garibaldi in Nyack gone

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Does anyone know what happened to Fiesta Garibaldi in Nyack? We tried to got there for dinner on Friday and the place is gone.

While I prefer the food at Bandido (across from the International Market on 59) it is too loud on the weekends to take people you actually want to talk to, and I didn't want to try for Casa del Sol in downtown Nyack because they were paving the parking lot when I in town on Wednesday. We ended up at Tequila, Sal y Limon in Suffern (at the end of 59, across from the train station) which was really good.

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  1. j
    Jill Rovitzky Black

    A better alternative might be Gallito's on Main St. in Haverstraw.

    1. Fiesta Mexico is just as good as Fiesta Garibaldi. They are located in Orangeburg, NY on 303 South. Take 59 to 303S.

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        FYI, Fiesta Garibaldi, Fiesta Mexico, Fiesta Sunrise, Fiesta Cancun are all owned by the same people. They used to own Toro Loco in Palisades, NY, before it went bust.

        1. re: gonzomac

          That's not true. Fiesta Cancun is not owned by the same people and is a much better restaurant than the others. I've been in the kitchen and it is clean!

          Clearly, if you saw Kitchen Nightmares, you would know that the owner of Fiesta Sunrise doesn't own any other restaurants.

          1. re: dave1

            No - It IS true.

            They are all relatives.

            Fiesta Mexico us owned by Patti's Uncle. Fiesta Cancun is also owned by a relative.
            If you visit all of the "Fiesta's" you will notice that the menu's are almost identical.
            Also you will find Patti as the Hostess at Fiesta Mexico on many occasions.
            And Tommy who is a Host at Fiesta Mexico can often be found in Fiesta Cancun as the Host.

      2. And for some really interesting Mexican food, much much better than the canned beans and reheated glop Fiesta Garibaldi served, try Dona Maria Mexican Bistro on the main drag in Suffern. The food is all Mexican, but nothing like Rockland has ever seen. Everything is cooked fresh except the beans and sauces which are made the way they should be done...very slowly.

        1. Fiesta Girabaldi moved over to the other side of the mall where Restaurant 303 was. It's now called Fiesta Sunrise or something. We tried to go there a week or two ago but they had some problems so were sending folks away. I haven't seen that they have reopened yet but I imagine they will soon. We ended up at Fiesta Mexico that night. Also in Haverstraw is Fiesta Cancun, which has outdoor seating out back which can be nice. We like El Bandito because of the free appetizer, dessert & after dinner drink, plus they make us feel at home. I'm originally from New Mexico so I have yet to find something as good as back home but am always looking.

          1. The original comment has been removed