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Apr 21, 2006 09:17 AM

Westfield, NJ

  • j

I am looking for place in Westfield, NJ that prepares quality dinners for take out - delivery would be a bonus. Thanks!

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    1. Bensi in Garwood is amazing Italian too.

      1. Post this inquiry on the Mid-Atlantic Board also. There are several regulars there from the Westfield-Scotch Plains area.

        1. Very few places in Westfield or the area in general deliver. And yes, posting in the Mid-Atlantic board will get better response.

          1. The Pastrami Shoppe (sic) on South Ave. in Garwood has delicious housemade pastrami and corned beef. Takeout, but no delivery.

            Delivery is tough to find in Westfield. When I lived there (4-5 years ago), the Chinese place didn't even deliver!