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Catskills, NY- Livingston Manor, Roscoe, Margaretville Area?

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I will be spending a lot of time in the Catskills, NY- Livingston Manor, Roscoe, Margaretville area (and maybe near Oneonta) the next few months.

Are there any good places to eat? I know that a lot of places are seasonal and may have new cooking staff each year, so this is a difficult question to answer. Are there any places that have been dependable over the last few years. It doesn't have to be fine dining, just nicely prepared food that tastes good. Or any decent ethnic places? I know that the area isn't ethnically diverse, but is any of the food?

Oh, please don't say the Roscoe Diner. It has slipped real bad the past few years. It was lousy last summer, which is a shame for what was a Catskills institution the past 40-50+ years.

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  1. A new Japanese restaraunt Tuna 111 noodles,soba,sushi and all openend in Delhi.I haven't ate there there yet but many satisfied customers exit.Also a new pizza place The Pizza Factory with real good food fresh and the owners are Italian from downstate L.I.??? Korean on rt10 new and with returning customers new Greek in Oneonta.no great Chinese as of yet,though FooChow in Walton is good oh and the Rockland House for prime rib,steak etc good, tidy salad and soup bar

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      Is this it? Am I going to be in dining hell the next year? At least I can get good local farmers produce and meat.

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        HELL may be putting it mildly frequent trips downstate and bringing back...as well as developing your cooking skills Delaware County has weekly out door chicken bbq(grilled)but with out the spice's,garlicand of course lemon yea get your cooking skills tuned

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          Well, my cooking isn't an issue. I'm a chef and food consultant. But I like to eat out on occasion, especially since cooking isn't that easy because I am camping out while starting to build a cabin by hand on a piece of land in the backwoods. Cooking over a fire or campstove gets pretty lame after awhile, especially after a long day of physical work. Also I need some date places for those nights out as opposed to in.

          I saw one of those grilled chicken stands in Margaretville last week, but the chicken looked mighty poor. I will have to check out a few since it seems thay are a Catskills tradition, but I don't have my hopes up.

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            www.hickoryrestaurant.com.I haven't eaten here yet where do you cook? and are from? www.catskillregionguide.com/has listings

    2. Years ago, we use to go to the Antrim Lodge in Roscoe, which was excellent. I know that they have changed hands since then, but you may want to check it out.

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        Cafe on Main in Margaretville is not bad -- sometimes can be pretty good. There is a very good Mexican restaurant in Andes (I don't remember the name, but it's on a corner and it's the only one in town). Hickory BBQ in Kingston is great. Unfortunately, you missed the one of the best restaurants anywhere when Yvonne finally closed up shop last Sept. on Rt. 28 in Shandaken. She's closed before, but she seemed pretty sure that this was her final retirement for the restaurant biz -- what a shame for us.

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          i liked hickory bbq the one time i went there. but it's not exactly close to margaretville.

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            The Cantina in Andes is a thriving Mexican place, with excellent food and great margaritas.

            - Sean

        2. here's a great site with info about available farm produce and restaurants that use them in the Catskills:


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            Great site? That site lists only one store/restaurant. Although it does list around 65 farms, it leaves out quite a few that I know of.

          2. jmf - encourage the farms you know to list in next year's edition - the more the better.

            there are more restaurants listed in the print edition; the website is getting up to speed...

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              I guess the website is fairly new? I will send out an email to my farm clients in the Catskills.

            2. Having moved here six years ago after San Francisco, i can confidently and desperately tell you that if you expect to eat anything in the least bit foreign and come out of it it with anything approximating a fine dining experience or even a good meal, save your money and find the nearest stove.

              One exception here in Delhi. Tuna 3 is as good as any middling passable big city japanese restaurant. Very good lunch prices.
              Stay away from the olde Caledonia which is the last bastion of the very worst sort of WASP 1950's food. Unless you want to channel JD Salinger or something.

              Quarter Moon exists to vacuum the dollars out of the Soho gullible pockets. Truly dreadful and overpriced to the max. The drinks are ok but overpriced. The attached natural foods store has delusionally high prices. If you second home up here be absolutely sure to shop where you are and use a cooler or pay the ransom. Or go to Price Chopper. we've finally got a decent market and their takeout food is generally better than most restaurant food here.
              Oh and the Pizza Factory across from Great American has the best pizza for at least 50 miles in any direction. the sicilian is excellent. Also wonderful soups. The owner loves to cook and has a good imagination.
              Find out which days the farmer's markets are where you will be travelling.. Ray's fine Wine in Delhi has a very good wine buyer. You are better off getting a good bottle and pizza or price chopper takeout than wasting your money otherwise.

              Cantina in Andes is flat out horrible. Mexican airline food.
              Slow Food cafe in Andes is terrific and worth the wait but you will be stuck there for hours and hours. There are no exceptions. For most, slow food is a philosophy. For this owner it is a statement of intent. It is five minutes short of being a Saturday Night live sketch about starving to death. Never ever go with kids or if you are hungry. The Andes hotel has decent unmemorable food.

              In Oneonta. Don't order anything but the chicken at Brooks or you'll be sorry. Brooks chicken is OK hot, but it is best as takeout . Served cold the next day it is heaven . Make sure you do not get the barbecue sauce which is about as sweet as butterscotch. True white folks barbecue.
              Elena's in oneonta is a tiny bakery and has simply heavenly pastries , especially Italian. Her food is wonderful . it tends to sell out earlier earlier in the day. Sadly, Elena has her hands full with a family illness so this is going to change for a while.
              autumn moon is iffy. It can be as bad as it is good. go for the plainer items and you won't be disappointed.

              if you are looking for a fine dining experience go to Peekamoose or Pickamoose near Phoenicia which I would put right up there near Chez Panisse Cafe. Absolutely wonderful.
              Be careful. We encountered a bear in the parking lot. No, I am not making this up.
              Sommo's in Delhi is also very good. But the room is so ugly. No bears, though.

              In general, keep in mind that this not France. It is upstate NY . When I moved up here my neighbor had never bought a fresh lemon-she preferred her juice out of the plastic ones or tasted a lobster or an artichoke or a piece of brie. She used to run a restaurant here. need i say more.

              The good news is that this is some of the best produce I have ever found in season anywhere ever.. Alice Waters would weep if she knew what she missed. Good local cheeses are emerging too. and lovely maple syrup. Find yourself a kitchen and enjoy it.

              That said i am moving back to the West Coast shortly and plan to eat out for a very long time. There are a lot of reasons people up here look so grim. Food is a big one.

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                Yes, after spending much of the summer in the area working as a consultant to farmers and part time as a park ranger. I am glad to be away. The best meals I had were the ones I cooked myself or when I visited the farms and got to eat farm meals of fresh meats and produce.

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                  >There are a lot of reasons people up here look so grim. Food is a big one.

                  Grim?? Now there's an absurd if not downright insulting ending to an otherwise interesting post.

                2. Well, since I have obviously found, finally, some knowledgeable Hounds in this area maybe someone can answer a " Whatever happened to..." question. A long time ago, in a town called Arkville, I kid you not, Arkville..There was a very small Restaurant called The Bavarian Fireside...It was run by a completely insane German named Ernst who, if he did not like you would either refuse to serve you or simply throw you out. The place was decorated like a misieval torture chamber but I will tell you that this guy made absolutely, positively the best Jaeger Schnitzel, Weiss wurst and just about anything else German that I have ever had...anywhere. I think he was once a chef at Luchow's...but to find a jewel like that in the middle of nowhere was incredible..I do often wonder if the place still exists..as I relive in my mind heaps of home made sausages, wild mushrooms, Red Cabbage and Spaten beer....not to mention Peach strudel.
                  Is this place still there ?

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                    I think it is still there on Rt 28 between Margaretville and Arkville but I don't know anything about what it like nowadays.

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                      I'm pretty sure it has been closed for a couple of years. I spend every July 4th weekend up there @ my sisters and have eaten there in the past. The food was really great, as was the rest of the ambiance!! Building is still there, but as I said I don't think is is open.

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                      just wanted to drop a line to you about Ernie. I grew up with his son, and spent a lot of time in the Fireside. I could tell you stories about him, but I have not found German food like that since I moved away in '81. The place is now an antique place, and up until 5 years ago Ernie was still there.
                      As far as him being a cook somewhere, I don't know about that, but his wife Regina was a great cook also.
                      And I saw him toss many people out who he didn't like too.
                      Ernie holds a great place of fondness in my heart and I hope he is doing well.

                    3. Thank you ! I have never actually talked with anyone else that had been there,,,you know, it was really the best German food I have had anywhere, but you are right about the ambieance..it was Ernst that made the experience so special.. I am sorry to hear it has closed..I always wanted to go back.

                      1. Too bad the German Butcher of Hamden is gone too.

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                          Well You made my father DAY when he read this.
                          Sometimes he forgets how great he is!!
                          The Butcher's Daughter

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                            the hamden german butcher AKA Detlev Barsch has now opened a NEW shop in Toms river, N.J. the name is D.A.barsch German butcher you may also be able to find in under Toms River German Butcher. The website is www.Dabarsch.com and you can also find their fan page on Facebook.

                        2. Hi...I have a Purple Palate (a 2 for one entree) book from InsideOut Magazine...and restaurants listed in the Catskills include Peekamoose in Big Indian, Front Porch in White Lake, Fat Lady on Kauneonga Lake, Resort in Livingston Manor ...I would recommend them all. There are other restaurants--in the Woodstock area (I love the Red Onion), New Paltz (Beso's is my Fav), Kingston (the Armadillo) and as far south as Nyack (Lanterna) and north as Saratoga Springs (Chez Sophie) and more.
                          Another restaurant that I would recommend that is in the area or within a short drive is Aroma Thyme in Ellenville. And I like lunch at Pleez Leewez in Livingston Manor...there are 2 new restaurants in Narrowsburg also that are on my list to try...
                          So I would not be bemoaning the lack of restaurants up in the Catskills...you just have to plan a bit because its not NYC so you have to drive, and kitchens tend to close earlier (by 9)...but up here dining out becomes the evening entertainment focus....

                          1. Two places for on premise baked bread The Underground Eggplant in Oneonta and The Lucky Dog in Hamden, go in the back for the Aligator bread as well as Chai other teas, muffens and daily hot specials for lunch as well as organic stuffs nice place to relax and chat sometimes hip music is piped in.You can then take a walk and visit the A.U.K an art gallery with some interesting stuff its fun

                            1. Yvonne's on Rt 28 in Phonecia (sp) is great. Haven't been in a while but wonderful food.
                              If you go to Windham try Bistro Brie & Bordeaux. It won best restaurant in Green county this year. Great brunch.

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                                I went to Bistro Brie & Boredaux on Friday...Excellent food!!! The best onion soup I have ever had. Great husband and wife team. Definitely caters to a more "downstate" crowd, however on Wed, Thurs and Sunday night they have a $14.95 special...I plan to check it out next week. This is the best I have had so far in Windham. I have lived part time in the Catskills (summer home in Jefferson and we are opening a B&B in Windham this winter) for the past 19 years...it has evolved, and maybe I will do a long post on the various restaurants that I have been to over the years one day soon to help guide fellow chowhounders. But do try Brie and Bordeaux...it's definitely worth it.

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                                  Hey Gremlin, Where is your B&B we have a home in Jewett & a rental in Ashland. E-mail me Flatrater@aol.com

                              2. You guys have the Candy Cone up in White Lake. What could be better than their Soft Serve?...