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Mar 31, 2006 10:57 PM

restaurants near vernon hardyston hamburg crystal springs NJ in sussex county

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Looking for good places to eat near vernon (mountain creek resort area) or hamburg (crystal springs golf resort area) in sussex county, nj. on the drive there from NYC we pass so much fast food, but looking for a decent place or a chowhound place.

Searched the board and saw Harpoon Bay in New Milford, so it's on my list to try.

Have tried the clubhouse at the Crystal Springs Country club - lunch is not bad, and reasonably priced. Will try Latour at some point for a special occasion, and also Nicholas.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. If you pass Harpoon Bay and stay on 94 going toward Warwick there are several good restaurants. On the left at the junction to Rt.1A, is Chateau Hathorn which is Austrian/Continental food. In the center of Warwick is 10 Railroad Ave. which is Spanish/Mediterranean. There is also an Italian place, that's supposed to be pretty good, Zana D. I've not been there, but friends of mine have reccomended it to me. And just outside of Warwick, going toward Florida is the Landmark Tavern which has "New American" cuisine. All are located on Rt. 94 in Orange Co. O.K., you have to turn onto Railroad Ave. to get to 10 Railroad Ave. and Zana D., but it's not complicated. Landmark, the farthest from Mountain Creek is only about 20 min. away. None of them are too dressy although in that part of the world these restaurants are considered fairly upscale. If you go to Harpoon Bay, I'd love to hear a reveiw. They aren't open on Mon., so I've never been able to get there.

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      Latour is hard to top. Chateau Hathorn is very uneven, it can be exceptional but if you are unlucky enough to go when the owner is not there bring a tent to rest in while waiting for service and sub-par food.

    2. I am bumping up this thread in the hope of getting some up to date recommendations. I am going to crystal springs next weekend and would like some suggestions for Saturday night dinner. I am thinking about going to the ball game (skyhawks?) in Augusta, if I can't find anything else to do.

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        Andre's is located in Newton and next to Latour it is one of the area's better restuarants.

        I grew up in the area and there are few good restuarants. Good luck!

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          harpoon bay has relocated to main street in warwick.

          you might like to check out the farmer's market in lafayette village 1030-400 on sunday. there is a chocolate shop, a new cheese store and a place called everything homemade that has light lunches and pastries.

          there's doc's in sparta as well as plaza bistro and mohawk house which from the chatter has improved with a change of chef. i second andre's in newton.

        2. Although I don't live in that area, I am in that area every weekend because I board my horses in Hamburg (right across the street from Crystal Springs). There are a bunch of decent casual restaurants in the area. Go down Route 94 into NJ and you'll hit the Homestead, which is one of those real Lots-of-meat-stick-to-your-ribs kitschy kind of places, which I like. I read a lot of good things about Harpon Bay, but I've never eaten there. People also say great things about La Tour, but I've never tried it either. I'm also curious about Vineyard restaurant and the new winery there.

          Granny's Pancake House on Route 23 is my favorite place in the area for breakfast.

          If you want the ultimate in great restaurants though, drive just a little farther. Take Route 94 to Route 17A and head for the Iron Forge Inn. ( Fantastic food, setting, and service.

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            1. My friends and I ate a spectacular meal at Restaurant Latour - it's pricey, but worth it. I can't vouch for local restaurants (although I did see a local diner - McAffee, and put that in my mind for next time). We also made a 10 minute side trip to Bobolink Dairy to buy fabulous cheese, bread and meat.

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                A good burger can be had at the Double S in Sussex. The Homestead also does fine work in the burger area. Right now if you come to the Vernon area you should be coming for the outdoors and the great people, not the dining opportunities. Bobolink being the exception but you will be buying bread and cheese and sitting in a field, not going for a meal. Not a bad thing though.

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                  One of the best kept secrets in this area is Anteleo, just across the river in Delaware Water Gap, Pa. This place is a hidden GEM. All the food is prepared by the chef-owner, the environment is a beautiful Victorian house with 8 tables. Antiques inside. Rarely does one find a place with the food and service so impeccable, at such reasonable prices. I live in Bergen, if I lived in Sussex I'd go much more often.

                  Here's the website: