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Mar 31, 2006 01:13 PM

Scarborough Fair vs. Jackie's Bistro: Smackdown

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So, what would you choose between these two? Two couples, looking for a leisurely and fun dinner; chance to talk, catch up, etc.

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  1. Jackie's is great. Scarborough isn't in the same league, only ok.

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    1. re: JMF

      Agreed. And do not miss out on Jackie's cheesecake for dinner. Will redefine cheesecake for you.

      1. re: JMF

        I hate to say this, but Jackie's is not great. It is overpriced and not so tasty. The vibe is nice. Just not the food. I'm sorry, I had to say it, now I have said it. Done.

        1. re: fritzy

          You know, I don't think I have ever agreed with reviews. First of all, how is Jackie's overpriced. Dinner for two with wine for around $100, when I can go to the wretched Heatchote Tavern and do the same thing or head to WP to Trotter's and the like and leave for my like $150. Jackie's is a family run place serving traditional bistro food always wonderful and reliable. This is not haute cuisine, but terrific staple dishes like steamed mussels, country pate,confit du canard, tarte tartin and that cheesecake. Not terribly fancy and definitely not a "modernized" menu (the last special I had there was Coq au Vin.

          And then your recommendations from the past, Red Lotus (fair Thai), Garth Road Inn (like a Bennigan's in quality), that SE Asian restaurant on Garth Road (hardly qualified as Asian food at all). What better restaurants do you like in Westchester then, or are you still stuck on the UWS restaurants?

      2. I respect that Jackie's Bistro is a family run business and I do respect their attempt at trying to recreate the feeling of a real "french bistro". The service was very pleasant. The food I found to be mediocre...which I could have dealt with if I didn't have to go through a half an hour of jaw pain due to MSG...I found this to be very uncomfortable and I couldn't get the check fast enough.

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        1. re: plowthor

          plowthor, don't know about Jackie's Bistro right now, but I should point out that the premise of this old post no longer applies...Scarborough Fair no longer has been replaced by an Italian restaurant.

          1. re: gutreactions

            Good call Gut. I was reading this and wondering about that myself and missed the date of the OP. I myself have never been to Jackie's, which is a sin due to my living in walking distance and the fact I see it from the Kilt's window and wonder so often. I have promised myself a trip this summer.

            I already have my menu planned out. A dozen escargot for an appetizer. Sweetbreads (never had them) for an entree. And I'll definitely have to try the famous cheesecake. Can it possibly be better than mom's?