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Mar 30, 2006 04:34 PM

manhasset bound

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just looking for simple burger and beer type place in manhasset. thanks!

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  1. Manhasset has very little to offer. Canterbury Ales sounds like the type of place your looking for in Oyster Bay.

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    1. re: MKS

      actually all of the steakhouses on Northern Blvd
      have burgers on the menu....probably best at the
      bar area....Lugers, Great Neck Steak House, Bryant Coopers, etc...

      1. re: MKS

        Going out to Canterbury Ales if you are going to be in Manhasset just doesn't make sense.
        Another place you can try is Mim's on Roslyn Road just north of the LIE, a little closer than Oyster Bay.

      2. There's Publicans (pub) - have never had the burger, but the salads are eatable. A personal favorite of mine is the burger at JT Bullits in Port Washington, a 5 minute drive from Manhassset. Get the waffle fries.

        1. edisonsssss best burgers mussels and great bar

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            I second Edison's. Its a bar that serves food and they make a decent burger and some other good food. If you are looking for a more upscale experience, you can go to the steakhouses, but its a completely different scene. I'm sure that Canterbury Ales or some other bars are better, but if you're in Manhasset it may not be worth the trip elsewhere.