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Mar 29, 2006 03:53 AM

What's your favorite seafood restaurant in/near A.C.?

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Care to recommend your favorite seafood restaurant in or near Atlantic City? (One of us is particularly fond of crab cakes.) Inexpensive? / Moderate? / Upscale?

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  1. No contest on this one.
    Dock's Oyster House.
    Make a reservation.
    One of the best stuffed broiled lobsters I've ever chowed on. This place is over 100 years old. Great people own and run Dock's.

    1. Fourth Street Cafe in Ocean City has really great and very memorable crab cakes. It's a dry town, so you couldn't even bring your own, but it's a cute atmosphere and moderately priced. lunch there could be a good idea

      1. i am from the area and my all time favorite place is docks oyster house or knife and fork..they are both owned by the same family and have the best food in the area

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          Not that I don't want to help, but we should really post this in Mid-Atlantic. Most of us NJ posters are trying to use Mid-Atlantic for NJ posts, especially southern NJ.