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Mar 27, 2006 03:33 PM

Quaker Creek Store in Goshen

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Has anyone ever been there? Apparently they make all kinds of fresh sausages (Polish, Italian, gourmet like chicken teryaki, etc.), pierogis, and such. They were also featured on the Food Network once, I think on Bobby Flay's show "Food Nation." Just wondering how their products are- quality, price, etc.

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  1. Where if anywhere are they located? Pleasse respond with all due haste.

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      Well, I got there this past weekend and the meats were fantastic! They are located on Route 6/Pulaski Highway in Goshen (more like Pine Island), NY... directions on their website. It's actually a convenience store/deli with an extensive fresh, homemade meat counter.

      I took my mom, whose father, uncles and grandfather used to make their own fresh and smoked kielbasa. She said their smoked kielbasa rivaled theirs! We also tried their apple and maple syrup breakfast sausages as well as their cabanossi (dried sausage)- yum to all of them. They also do chorizo, andouille, pierogi, etc. Much of which you can get fresh or frozen. Anyway, I hope this turns on others to this little out of the way place.


    2. Goshen New York or Goshen Connecticut??????

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        Sorry... Goshen, NY!

      2. Quaker Creek is wonderful. I used to go there all the time before I started watching my diet. Their hot dogs are great, as is the kielbasi, although it started getting alittle too "smoky"-flavored for me. They carry andouille sausage and one of the few places to get fresh (raw) kielbasi. They're located on Pulaski Hwy between Rte 17A and Pine Island.